Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wobble wobble and drop it like it's hot


It's your friendly neighbourhood Martian. Where have I been I hear you scream? I have been everywhere and nowhere whatsoever. I've mentioned these recession times in passing before now. I am surviving them. I am severely depressed and frustrated with life right now and I'm thinking about ending it all...I'm not. That would be awesome though wouldn't it? A non-white suicidal rapper could be what the world needs. My last actual blog was posted in July. Wow. July was a long time ago. I didn't have much time in the early part of August and I actually forgot about blogging until the other day when I logged into my Blog email address and saw loads of comments and emails asking where I was. I was nowhere special. I've been busy, busy for you, rest assured. I've seen a few of you out on the skreets over the last few months, you've had very personal blogs. Read from my own mouth. They were about my suicide and shit. Or they were about how I just got a television bigger than your mum's house. For serious, shit's so big, so HD and so expensive. Not expensive in a rapper way, more expensive in a; I'll be paying this off for a year kind of way. What was I supposed to do though? I wanted Hi-Def Xbox.

On the subject of music. Most specifically rap music, made by moi. I promised you an album/mixtape/ep thing in the summer didn't I? I'm flaky it has to be said. I have finished it. Me, Pixel and Jack, we have finished it, we have a project ready to go. We're going to master it THIS MONTH, no wait [checks date 29th? Damn] NEXT MONTH. When Pixel gets back from Germany where he's gone to see the wall in Berlin. He text to say he watched District 9 while he was out there, what a sucker, why did he wait so long? Best film of the millennium? Possibly. What a film. What I'm going to do with the new project is I'm going to master it, then I'm going to finalise the artwork, then I'm going to leak a heater to a few DJs and then I'm going to post it on this blog. When I leak it to DJs I'm going to want you to get in touch with them and let them know you want to hear it, that's important. Then I will do the same thing two more times [I could do it a few more, there is genuine heat on this thing]. After that I will be giving the whole thing to you guys for free. Revolutionary right? Not really. I plan revolution. Genuine revolution. I'm going to be locked in a studio next month for three days in which time I will completely reinvent my sound. I mean, completely. I have a few plans, it won't be called Marvin The Martian, or Marvin anything. It will be so sweaty you'll all shit yourselves because the sweat will act as a lubricant forcing the shit to fall through your cheeks no matter how hard you try to hold it in. How fucking disgusting was that? Can you tell I kinda need the toilet right now? Jesus. In Jack Nimble's removable harddrive right now I have at least 30 songs you've never heard. Pixel's got about the same, I need to get them out to you and promise I will.

For now I am done I think. That's all I have to say. If there's anything I'm missing here let me know. Until then, congrats to the big homie Example who got chart success last week. That bastard wanted it so much, he fucking deserves it. His next single is Calvin Harris produced ergo it will be a number 1. When it is I'm following him for a week to pick up a portion of the free shit he's gonna get.

Prize Fighter on Friday night. COME ON DANNY WILLIAMS!?!?!! Tyson Fury has to fight McDermott again, that's going to be a classic. Haye Vs Valuev November 7th. To PPV or not to PPV, Haye pulling out of the Klitchko fight was such a disappointment. This fight looks entertaining in a freakish way if nothing else though. That's enough boxing. That's enough everything.


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Toppy said...

You remember when you & Example were on the same bill?? Whoever booked that must have been sick. Anyways, keep it real & send me your new shit, good to see you haven't topped yourself!