Friday, 29 May 2009

Dawn of the Don tonight

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

VIDEO: Me on The Politics Show

The Hackney Wick DJ Vlad hooked it up! You might have spotted him on just about every hip-hop blog that matters yesterday. Hey Pix, fuck Joe Budden.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Me on The Politics Show

As Jack mentioned on Saturday, I was invited to speak on The Politics Show this Sunday about the controversial Form 696. The form relates to live music and the Metropolitan Police's ability to request sensitive and discriminatory information from promoters, performers and patrons so as to assess the "Potential risk" of that event. Feargal Sharkey wrote a fairly explicit letter to the Met asking for the form, which while officially voluntary has become mandatory in many London boroughs, to be reviewed, an "Official review" has been announced and it's hoped will see the form repealed. While the main focus of the outrage has been a racial one, there are far reaching implications for the creative community as a whole. By filling in Form 696 we are effectively allowing The Police to decide that if they don't agree with my message and who I'm delivering it to, then they can shut me down. Throughout history music has been a great communicative tool in times of struggle and hardship, the idea that I can no longer use the gift I feel I've been given to communicate a message to my people, because The Police don't want me to, scares me to my soul. The Police State doesn't get much realer than that. In Chile, in South Africa, in Afghanistan, songs were used to inspire, to teach, to relay messages of hope and determination against fascist regimes. In London, 2009 we have to ask for permission. You can watch the show on the BBC iPlayer HERE. The Form 696 section kicks in at about 31 minutes. If anybody could rip the 696 section so I can put it on Youtube I'd appreciate it. I downloaded the whole thing through the iPlayer software but the BBC appear to have it coded like clever internet people.

While in the Green Room waiting to go on I managed to grab a quick chat with Peter Tatchell about Form 696 which was pretty great. Peter Tatchell's one of the bravest men in the country, he doesn't give a fuck, a real fighter for the downtrodden. I don't always agree with him but it takes a lot of balls to be that guy.

There's been a lot of people very outspoken on the Form 696 issue including DJ Semtex, DJ MK, Bashy and Tinchy Stryder whose blogging helped me when doing last minute research on Saturday night so I thank you all. Also thanks to Akira for sending the BBC in my direction. I'm gonna tear down Dawn of the Don on Friday. Yiggity!

This week I shall be mostly listening to... Method Man & Redman/ Blackout 2

I'm satisfied. Red and Meth actually went out of their way to select nice beats, rather than stupid beats with obvious samples, they kept the skits to a minimum (when they're minimalist like that you actually enjoy them), they rapped better than either of them have on solo projects for a few years and they maintained their straight-man/ funny-man dynamic without making Method Man seem boring. Granted I've only listened once but got damn it I'm a fan. I will listen some more.

So Liverpool lost the Youth Cup Final First Leg

My first football match ended in a humiliating defeat on Friday. Arsenal's kids were something else it has to be said, as a laymen I can tell you I saw some extraordinary talent on show. We lost 4-1 in the end but it could have been more, I spent the first half actually willing the ball to a kid named Jay Emanuel-Thomas' feet, he was incredible. Despite being with only one other Liverpool fan, one Chelsea fan and two Arsenal fans, we decided to sit stand in the Liverpool section, which at least gave the game a little bit of spice. It also taught me a whole new repertoire of songs I never knew existed. I now also know the Arsenal responses to them. To be fair the fan banter got a bit heated at times when a couple of cocky Arsenal fans started singing "Sign on" lyrics to the words of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Something I didn't personally agree with. The other half of the football crew were with child so couldn't really sit in the slightly hostile setting of the Liverpool away section, by all accounts they went to a different game. We ran into Paul Ince before kick-off (I think his son was playing?) and Spoony joined our stand in the second half to a chorus of "SPOONY! SPOONY!" I think the second leg of the final is tonight in Liverpool and barring some kind of Arsenal collapse I can't see my boys winning it. I will definitely go to another football match though, the stadium alone was worth the visit. Word to the Transport Police who wanted beef in Stockwell on the way home. Cock.

UPDATE: Just found out the second leg is on Setanta Sports. Gonna have to hit Jack's to watch that.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Marv has been invited to discuss the controversial Form 696 on The Politics Show tomorrow. Tune in to BBC1 at 12 mid-day Sunday for some opinions.

More from Marv later on. He's revising.

Untill then, here is Form 696. Have a read. See what all the fuss is about.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

VIDEO: Kanye West Feat. Mr Hundson/ Paranoid

Why are you so Paranoid? Noid? Noid?

I'm going to my first football match tomorrow...

I'm going to see my boys Liverpool play Arsenal in the Youth-Cup Final First Leg at The Emirates Stadium tomorrow night. Exciting I know. Pixel, Jack, Ben, Tego & Bosh went to the Semi-Final between Arsenal and Manchester City which ended 3-1, this time I think 12 of us are going so it should be a party. I've never been to an actual football match before as I don't generally give a shit about the game but over the last couple of years I've developed a certain understanding and appreciation for it and am hoping tomorrow's game will make me a proper fan in the eyes of the lord or whatever. I might even start a team. I got those teckers!

This week I shall be mostly listening to... Gangstarr/ The Ownerz

I'm worried that this section has been too underground so far. I guess it's about that time of year when you want some of that underground shit.

I fucking love this album. Guru says he hated Premier when they made it, which I guess you can kinda hear. Beat for beat it's one of the best produced rap albums of all time. Not quite 'Moment Of Truth' lyrically it does feature some great guest features from Jadakiss, M.O.P, Bumpy Knuckles and even Fat Joe!?!?!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

OK, You're Right

50 Cent is so great. His new track 'OK, You're Right' is produced by Dr Dre and was premiered yesterday by Funkmaster Flex...Interscope and Funk Flex, I was sure that would never happen sure.

LISTEN: on RapRadar is back is back and it looks like one of those highly-optimised future sites.

Related: Hip-Hop Connection's 2nd digital issue is out now.

LIVE NEWS: Me and Pixel added to 'Dawn Of The Don' line-up

Me and Pixel are going to be performing exclusive new material [none of the songs we're performing have ever been performed or heard outside of the studio, if you want classics you'll be at the wrong show. Strictly future classics] at Akira The Don's 'Dawn of the Don' gig on Friday May 29th. Most of the songs performed will make up the new mixtape which Jack is in the process of mixing as I type [real mixing rather than DJ Mixing, that process is a few weeks off at least].

We'll be joining Akira on the bill with Stephen Hague, Joey2Tits, Blonde Jeremy Deacon, Zombiehamster and Kill Witnesses who are all DJ'ing. You should buy advance tickets and look at the awesome flyer HERE.
@ The Gaff
382 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PN
020 7609 3063

Friday, May 29th 2009
7pm till late
£6 on the door, or £5 with a flyer (you can print the flyer from Akira's site)
I'll bring you more details as and when.

Monday, 18 May 2009


So I just added a feature to the blog. You can click a "Reaction" to any of the posts. I currently have 3 options "For real" which basically means you agree with me "Gangster" which means I'm way too on point for this shit and "Bullsh*t" which means you're a knob and you dare disagree with the god. Clicky, clicky now. If you have any other suggested reactions let me know whylout[at]

While we're on the subject of clicking, don't forget to click the ads on my page, they're so sexy, am I right? I'm right.

Jay-Z used to humiliate LL Cool J in underground rap battles? I can believe that...

Lifted from HipHopDX
Former entertainment lawyer turned author and part-time blogger, Reggie Ossé, shared in his blog today stories of a long ago “secret war” between LL Cool J and Jay-Z [click here]. The blog, called Combat Jack With Today’s Mathematics, recounts Damon Dash and DJ Clark Kent’s efforts to provoke a Rap battle between the then '90s king, LL, and the relatively unknown rookie rapper, Jay-Z.

“[Dame and Clark] figured if Jay was known as the dude that kilt LL in battle, record labels would take note and give him that much sought after deal,” wrote Ossé. “Dame and Clark had the plan laid out, whenever LL was spotted by either of them, they would page each other and Jay and get him to meet at whatever location LL was. This went on a couple of times. Once contacted, Jay would roll up to the club, bar or whatever venue and lay in the cut, waiting for his opportunity to attack LL in battle. Dame would polly with, then taunt LL about how Jay was nicer than him, was ready to take his spot even. LL's ego would result in him agreeing to go head to head against the young and then unknown challenger.”

At the time (circa 1992) LL had found success with his Grammy-winning album Mama Said Knock You Out, and was known as the king of battle Rap. However, as Ossé tells it, LL had lost those secret battles with Jay-Z.

“Dame and Clark would end up in my office the following day, laughing about how Jay lit that ass up. Every time too. They was a bit sour too, cause after each battle, LL would kill the vibe, crush Jay's high by flinging the ‘Yo, my next record is dropping next month, uhm, when's yours coming out again, scrap?’ line at him. Jay, Dame and Clark didn't like that shit. Not one bit. I'm betting those battles are the reason LL is still kinda aggie towards Jay.”

Between 2006 and 2008, Jay-Z's presidency at Def Jam Records resulted in a public disapproval from veteran artist LL Cool J, who felt that his career and projects were mishandled, despite deing an artist since 1985 for the label.
Reggie Ossé is breaking walls of silence. This is fascinating shit and it makes so much sense when you think about it.

Top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time

Jack just sent this link over. It's a pretty great list.

Top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time

Please do not "Rise" again

Boris Johnson canceled 'Rise Festival' this year. The "Anti-Racism" music festival...however the hell that works? Was set to cost Londoners over £500k and being that we're in a recession and the whole thing is stupid as shit anyway, the mayor got rid of it. The London Assembly says they'll be redirecting the funds to music programs across the capital. While many would have you believe that the "Anti-Racism" festival was worthwhile in some capacity I can assure you it was not. How could it be? Black Eyed Peas play in a park and a skinhead sees the light? No. Shut up. Who cares? The Politics Show did a section on the cancellation on Sunday which was pretty awesome. The guy from the London Assembly would only refer to the BNP as "The Nazis" which was strange. Is that defamatory? Nick Griffin seems like the guy to phone a racist lawyer and get that looked into. Speaking of Nick Griffin, did anybody catch the BNP Party Political Broadcast the other night? It was awesome. It was made for 40p on Adobe Premier [default text settings, I see you BNP] and featured one member boasting about his new CCTV cameras, before Nick Griffin promises not to put computer chips in your dustbins. [Watch the video on Youtube below, it won't make you a racist I promise]*

* How evil does that woman look by the way? Debra Kent you evil looking woman! Nick Griffin looks pathetic, like a bottom feeding chancer and Mike Coleman looks like a cock but Debra Kent looks genuinely evil. A fatter, more racist Rene Zelwegger. There's no festival gonna stop her. Maybe some sort of Nazi Cannes.

UPDATE: Charlie Brooker saw the BNP PPB

This week I shall be mostly listening to... Murs/ Murs For President

This album was a bit of a sleeper. He didn't consistently bring it with the beats the way he did on his 9th Wonder projects which is kinda frustrating but he's really talking some shit on 'Murs For President'.

LISTEN: on Spotify.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Chester French in the UK

PRESS RELEASE- Chester French will release their debut album “Love The Future” on 8th June and will play a string of UK dates that very week, with a second London show on 20th June.

Signed to Pharrell WilliamsStar Trak label, Milwaukee-raised DA Wallach and Boston native Max Drummey are two friends who wrote and recorded their debut album Love The Future while in their final year studying at Harvard. Drawing on their love of everything from Sixties pop to hip hop and putting into practice the basics of songwriting they had learned from listening closely to Bowie and Beatles records, they put their unique songs to tape with Wallach handling most of the vocals and Drummey performing much of the music on an orchestra’s-worth of instruments. These recordings found their way into the hands of Don C, Kanye West’s manager, who offered them a deal. Competing offers from Jermaine Dupri and Pharrell Williams quickly followed. Encouraged by Pharrell’s promise of complete creative control, the duo signed to Star Trak.

Hear tracks including “The Jimmy Choos” and watch the video for “She Loves Everybody” at

Chester French’s return to the UK follows their handful of dates supporting N.E.R.D last year.


Tue 09- London Old Blue Last £6.50
Wed 10- Brighton Freebutt £6.50
Thu 11- Bristol Louisianna £6
Fri 12- NottinghamBodega £6
Sat 13- Liverpool Korova £5
Sat 20- London BE @ Proud Galleries £10 (no advance sale)
I'm definitely hitting that Old Blue Last gig. I'm interested to see what these guys do live.

Who doesn't love M.O.P?

Of course Michael Rappaport loves M.O.P. Everybody loves M.O.P.

This weekend I shall be mostly listening to...Company Flow/ Funcrusher Plus

If you don't know about 'Funcrusher Plus' you need to get to knowing. The beats, oh lord the beats. Company Flow were seminal, the whole Rawkus/ Def Jux movement hinges on this album.

Spotify link

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

VIDEO: Inja Feat. Fallacy, Skinnyman & Mr Thing/ Hat Low

'Ard. I like this.

Larry David could make a modern Woody Allen film watchable

I can't stand modern Woody Allen films, it's like he's been trapped in a loop since the late 80s. Light Jazz music and New York skylines? Yey! Passive aggressive Jewish couple share loft apartment? For reals? Hopefully this film 'Whatever Works' he's made with Larry David will offer some respite. The trailer looks funny without being as funny as I think a Larry David vehicle always should be, but you can't fully tell from a trailer. The collaboration definitely represents a collective will of all comedy loving people for quality, if it's not good I'm going to encase Woody Allen in carbon. I'll do it respectfully but I'll do it so he can't get out. I'll do it whether you want me to or not.

The new Transformers game might be better than the new Transformers film

I don't like the Transformers film as I've mentioned on this site before. Long shots of smoky landscapes with giant...what are those?...scorpions? Black Knights? What are those? I'm 108% sure the second film is going to kiss booty ring too so I'm pretty much going to avoid it totally. This is a trailer for the accompanying game 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' dropping June 23rd on all formats and I have to say it looks pretty rock guns!

Also check this hidden camera Transformers spoof Jack just sent me. Funny shit.

Crime Pays

It's true what they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I didn't realise how crucial Cam was, the outstandingly low quality of 'Killa Season' [the album rather than the film, which I've thus far refused to watch] and the brain rotting lames that made up Cam's extended family [everybody that isn't Juelz Santana...and Max-B, but he doesn't really count] really tainted the Cam'ron brand between '04 and '09. The fact that Jim Jones is still allowed to breathe as a rapper should be a source of great shame for the entire hip-hop community. 'Crime Pays' is a true return to form, acting as part hardcore New York rap album, part Curb Your Enthusiasm style awkward hilarity. Production is solid without ever being exceptional, perhaps catering to Cam's comfort zone a little too much, but lyrically he's better than ever and seems to have matured his song writing and structuring abilities beyond a level he'd ever reached before. I advise you listen and remind yourself why the world loves Cam.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

MIXTAPE: Method Man & Redman + DJ Green Lantern/ Lights Out

Method Man & Redman + DJ Green Lantern/ Lights Out Mixtape [Sharebee]
Lights Out Intro
Dangerous MCs
Big Dogs
A Yo (Feat. Saukrates)
Well All Rite Cha
How High
City Lights (Feat. UGK)
Interlude (”We Back For The Smokers”)
The Rockwilder
Tear It Off
4 Minutes to Lock Down (Feat. Raekwon & Ghostface)
Lights Out Outro (”May 19th Is The Date For B.O. 2, Bitch!”)
Meth & Red! Woo I feel like a teenager! 'Blackout 2' better be better than 'Blackout' that album for the most part sucked anus.

VIDEO: Cam'ron/ Cookies 'N' Apple Juice/ Silky [No Homo]

I am yet to listen to 'Crime Pays' . Or 'Relapse' for that matter. I can wait for the Eminem though I have to say. Semtex and Westwood are doing interviews with him today, they should ask him why this time around feels so forced. Why am I talking about Eminem in a Cam post? Well Cam once declared that Eminem was a genuine beef target when he claimed Eminem had dissed him in one of his videos. I still can't find what he's talking about and nothing ever came of the misunderstanding. That's not the reason I mentioned Eminem but I did always wonder...

Kate Hoey's had a great week

My local MP, Kate Hoey has had a pretty stellar week it has to be said. While the press scrambled for an untarnished name in government at the height of the expenses scandal, Kate Hoey's name shone through. The former Sports minister has been the subject of some pretty brutal attacks over the years, most recently from Ken Livingston who called Kate "Batty" last year, when she decided to support Boris Johnson's Mayoral bid by becoming his non-paid executive adviser to the 2012 Olympics. As Sports Minister she was subject to what appeared to be unprovoked bile from a number of tabloid newspapers for opposing London's Olympic bid.

Kate famously stood against the Iraqi war and opposes Labour's ID Card scheme, the hunting ban, university top-up fees and the EU Lisbon Treaty. She's actively involved in issues such as affordable housing and sports in schools.

Yesterday she was subject to an attempted humiliation at the hands of our awesomely inept Speaker of the House, Michael Martin. When Kate challenged the Home Office's decision to order an inquiry into the MP's expenses leak calling it an "awful waste of money" at a time when the police already had a "huge job" to do in London, Michael Martin interrupted by saying "I listen to you often, when I turn on my television at midnight, and I hear your public utterances and your pearls of wisdom on Sky News. It's easy to talk then... Some of us in this House have other responsibilities". While a general feeling of disgust at Martin's actions are shared across the house with Nick Clegg warning that the Speaker should not be criticising the media at a time when he should "taking a lead" on the expenses issue and Conservative MP Douglas Carswell called for a vote of no confidence citing that "However good he may be at being Mr Martin, he is quite useless at being the Speaker" Gordon Brown is standing behind his man.

Is it proactive for the least popular Prime Minister of all time to support the least popular Speaker in recent memory? I don't know. I'm not sure it matters at this point, Gordon's got 12 months to rush through as much legacy destroying legislation as he possibly can before Labour can reshuffle and make themselves a viable prospect again in 8-12 years. Maybe with a proper MP like Kate Hoey back on the front-bench.

Monday, 11 May 2009

This week I shall be mostly listening to... DJ Vadim/ U.S.S.R Repertoire

This album had a huge influence on Jack and the way he makes beats, we rediscovered it a few days ago and are really letting it sink in all over again. Definitely an underground classic, we're gonna do some straight tribute songs on the new mixtape based on the sound of this album. Jack's already got one lined-up, gonna have to go in.

Just ordered: Batman Gothic

I've spent the last couple of months trying to get that Batman feeling from other sources. I actually got 6 or 7 pages into Watchmen and stopped reading. It just didn't start at a pace I thought was acceptable. I've slowed down on 'The Preacher' because I don't want to blow my load, I'm up to Part 3 and I bought Part 4 already, no need to rush. I've gone through Button Man, Blade, The Preacher, Ghost Rider, The Watchmen and Ironman since my last Batman novel. While I enjoyed all of them a lot [Ironman less so, time travel?], I've been chasing a buzz you can only really get from a great Batman, so I went with what I know, Grant Morrison. I'm kinda excited I have to say.

I really want some great X-Men novels. I've got 'God Loves Man Kills' and 'Fatal Attraction' in novel form but everything else looks either slim or wack-a-day. Somebody suggest something please.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


With 'Devil In The Distance' having been here over a year, It's now ads time. Check the advert to the right and below. If this isn't the top story on the page any more than ignore those directions. You guys should totally come to my site a lot and allow my ads to influence your click through decisions. For serious.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Devil In The Distance On Spotify

All my Spotify thugs should know, you can listen to the whole of my debut album 'Devil In The Distance' by clicking here [if you don't have Spotify downloaded, then you probably should. As much as it pains me to admit it].

Thursday, 7 May 2009

DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Episode 3 Mixtape/ Podcast

DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Episode 3 Mixtape/ Podcast [Sendspace]

Download, listen at work, on your commute, in the gym, while you're washing up, while your washing your body, whatever. Peep exclusive game on track 10. Tell me you want it beyatches!

VIDEO: Lethal Bizzle Feat. Donaeo/ Go Hard [now on Youtube]

Videos should debut on Youtube? Vimeo at least right?

VIDEO: Example & Don Diablo/ Hooligans [on Youtube]

MySpace video was fucking around but it's on Youtube now. Peep cameo game. Yeah I'm a star. I'm in another guy's video wooo. I feel like Angie Martinez!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Manchester to test Jacqui Smith's ID Cards

"allowing people to give their fingerprints and a face scan while "out doing the shopping". "
I feel like I'm going to vomit. Vomiting would not be an exaggerated action at the fear and disgust and rage I feel about this right now. You'd think Labour would learn not to test their bullshit in Manchester after their Congestion Charge humiliation earlier in the year. But no, will Manchester ride out for the rights and freedoms of British people for a second time? I fucking hope so. What gets me, is that Jacqui Smith is committing billions to this scheme, a scheme that the Conservatives say they'll reverse as soon as they win the next election. So with Labour trailing so badly in the polls and the likelihood of them winning the next election decreasing with every sleaze filled day they're essentially throwing money down the drain. Either that, or they're trying to force Cameron's arm into keeping the ID card system lest he appear wasteful. Fuck it. Appear wasteful.
"ID cards will deliver real benefits to everyone, including increased protection against criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists," the home secretary said.
I'm scared. Genuinely scared. How many Muslims with beards have to be arrested, detained for the maximum time, have a request for further time denied and be cleared of all charges before these stupid home office stunts stop meaning anything? Middle aged white lady in middle England, don't believe them. This is bullshit. Please, hug a Muslim, they do not want to kill you, or enslave you, or control you. They do not want to give you an ID Card.


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Punisher Feat. Eminem- Digital Comic

I haven't read it as my laptop is a piece of shit bastard wanker. I like the idea though. READ

Monday, 4 May 2009

Wolverine is solid

Just got back from the Streatham Odeon after watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I wasn't sure whether X-Men could come through with a 4th consecutive solid film but they managed it. I love the trilogy [part 3 might be my favourite] and Wolverine doesn't stray too far from the nest, pulling straight back into the X-Men universe. They need to shit or get off the pot with the Magneto film because while Sir Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart want to do it [Patrick Stewart was on Andrew Marr on Sunday explaining why he loves the roll], they're wasting my god damn time.

Will the best film interpretation ever be as good as the best graphic novel though? I don't see how it could. The depravity and wickedness of Stryker will never be fully appreciated until you explain his religious undertones in the way the books do. I'm not complaining, I like the fact that the films don't try too hard to be the books, just an observation.

VIDEO: Example & Don Diablo/ Hooligans

Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans
Yeah boy that video came out nice. Some serious cameos from some real, real players in there. That's right; players.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Obnoxious Groundhog

Shut the hell up obnoxious Groundhog!

Sugababes on the ROC

Jack caught this on Ceefax this morning. Sugababes have signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation. This is fairly excellent news as Sugababes are the fucking nuts. I don't care what anybody says, they've been dropping hits consistently for years now and just when you think it's ended BAM another heater. They lost key members and Keisha still owns. Jay-Z's smart. Roc Nation looks confusing but they did just sign Stargate so this deal could turn out to be pure genius.