Friday, 27 February 2009

Example video

My white brother from a white mother is filming a video in Brixton in a couple of weeks and you know he needed to holla at me for the shoot. I'm not actually 100% on what the song he's shooting for is? Is it 'Girl Can't Dance'? Not sure. I know it's a party at Dogstar though, I'd have been there cameras or no.

Freeway + Jake One = FIRE

Okay so I'm back. I will get back to my listing in a bit. But Nahright had some great news for me. Freeway's doing an album with Jake One. That's going to be incredible. Jake's beats on the new DOOM are nuts and his whole album is pretty much fire.

Things I am Doing...

My blogging has been slack. So slack that I don't have a picture for this post. There are no pictures on the computer I'm using. It's too new. So I thought I'd run down a list of things I'm doing currently...

I am...recording.

I am...planning another mixtape.

I am...working out my second album.

I am...4 or 5 definite tracks in.

I am...working with Pixel on his new project also.

I am...working on a new format to distribute my music on. Seriously. I think I'm close.

I am...watching Heroes.

I am...playing a lot of Xbox.

I am...not listening to a lot of new hip-hop it has to be said.

I am...not on Twitter. It would probably work out well for me but between MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Blogspot I think I'm done. I have to be.

I am...kinda fucked up over David Cameron's kid. It didn't register how sad it was until I actually sat down and thought about it. Really, really, sad.

I am...surviving the recession.

I am...not thirsty for the blood of bankers who have pre-arranged compensation/ pension packages worked out in their contracts.

I am...mad at the people who let it get out of control. Not the bankers, they're bankers, there are people above bankers [shockingly]. They let it get like this. They encouraged it. They enjoyed the inflated economy and flourished within it. This is a New Labour recession/ depression.

I am...listening to the new Art Brut album. Rockier than I expected, Eddie Argos genius as usual.

I am...thinking about inventing a new dance craze the Golly-Woggle.

I am...being rushed out the door and will have to continue this later.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake

Art Brut are back. New album out in April I've been killing it this week. I'm trying to catch them live doing a secret ting this weekend.

Monday, 16 February 2009

VIDEO: The Simpsons- New Opening Sequence

They've finally done it! I am Simpsons obsessed and I'm only up to about 2002 with the episodes. I've still got at least 7 more years of new Simpsons jokes. I feel blessed in that sense. Truly I do.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Just ordered...

Lay back Maybach don't even talk to me.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

VIDEO: Ozzie-B [aka Zed]- About Time

My boy Zeds just dropped his new video 'About Time'. I toured with Zeds and Bizzle in '07 and he might not be the best Black Jack opponent I've ever faced but when he gets on stage to do 'Oi!' the crowd goes CRAZY! I mean CRAZY!

Monday, 9 February 2009

When taunting a wrestler goes wrong.

Word is this video isn't a work and Chris Jericho really does box that chick down. I'm not down with hitting women but if there's one thing that will make me snap [even without all the angry Wrestling fans calling me a disgrace to Canada...which I'm so not by the way] it's spitting on me. Spitting in my face? That's like spitting on me x1000. I'm not condoning this but...spit on your don't spit on me. Ever.

Chris Jericho used to be the shit by the way. Judging by all the boos I guess he still is. I wonder if Wrestling sucks dick these days? Probably.

I wish I was on a boat

That's funny stuff. I really wish I was on a boat right now.

MIXTAPE: Example- The Credit Munch

My dude Example is BACK! Like Chris Brown's hand word to Rihanna. He's gone electro ta'bumba on a brand new mixtape 'The Credit Munch' and shit goes so hard. You already know E's got those fundamentals down so you give him any kind of production and he's gonna kill it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll bang your head and that's just track 1.

Dude separated his mixtape into rooms [GENIUS] 'Electro', 'Dirty Ravers' and 'Garage/Dubstep/DnB'. He told me a couple of months ago that he was going to give the tape away for free but a lot of people say that until they listen to it back and go "You know what? I'd buy this!" before slapping £5 sticker on it and throwing it on Paypal. Elliot's a man of his word though and the tape is free from his MySpace. Tracklisting and link below...

Room 1: Electro

1. ‘DJ Wire’s Space Odyssey Intro’
2. ‘I Don’t Want To’ (Jack Beats Remix)
3. ‘Pink Notes’ (produced by Chase & Status) >> Mason ‘Exceeder’
4. ‘Not From France’ (produced by Don Diablo) >> Justice Vs. Simian ‘We Are Your Friends’
5. ‘Cheaper Thrills’ (HervĂ© Bootleg)
6. ‘Baby Do You Want Me?’ Beatseeker feat. Example
7. ‘Last Night’ (Diddy - Chew Fu Remix – Example Bootleg) >> Crystal Waters ‘Gypsy Woman’
8. ‘Girl Can’t Dance’ (Don Diablo Remix) >> Booka Shade ‘Body Language’

Room 2: Dirty Ravers

1. ‘Its Not Ova’ A1 Bassline feat. Example
2. ‘So Many Roads’ (HervĂ© Remix)
3. ‘Don’t Be Shy’ Devils Gun feat. Example >> Underworld ‘Born Slippy’
4. ‘Dirtyface’ (Bart BMore Bootleg) >> Simian Mobile Disco ‘Hustler’
5. ‘We Came, We Saw, We Killed The Crowd’ (Don Diablo ‘Hooligans’ Bootleg) >> Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up’
6. ‘Bodyrockin’ (produced by Don Diablo) Vs. Example ‘Posh Birds’

Room 3: Garage/Dubstep/D’n’B

1. MJ Cole ‘Lifesaver’ MJ Cole Vs. Example ‘Loud’
2. ‘Drop The Pressure’ (Project Bassline Bootleg)
3. ‘Something In The Water’ (produced by MJ Cole)
4. 'Pirate FM' (Interlude)
5. UK Garage/Dubstep Mashup – Colours ‘What U Do’ >> Jammin ‘Kinda Funky’ >> DJ Narrows ‘Saved Soul’ >> DJ Wire ‘Believe Me’ >> DJ Shorty ‘Friction’ >> Rusko ‘Mr Chips’ >> DJ Wire ‘This Is Not The Fire - Dubstep Remix’ >> TC ‘Where’s My Money – Caspa Remix’ >> Lily Allen ‘The Fear’ (The Count Saves Lilly From The Fear Remix)
6. ‘You Can’t Rap’ Vs. Subfocus ‘Timewarp’
7. ‘Girl Can’t Dance (Chase & Status Remix) >> Lomax - "Artisan VIP" >> TC - "Game Over"


Friday, 6 February 2009

Black Cabs fan F*ck off

You may have heard about the Black Cab Strike yesterday in central London. A few hundred wanker cabbies stopped in Central London to protest this new Mini-Cab warden service being introduced by Westminister Council. This new system will see Mini-cab wardens guide people to cab services and cab ranks around the West End to limit danger for a late night reveler. Something I support 100%. Cab drivers are already the least popular twats in London, why would they make themselves even more hated in a recession/ depression [word to Gordon]? I guess it's typical of any dying industry, they get a chip on their shoulder [the chip on a black cabbie's shoulder would be bigger than your average chip of course] and freeze themselves out of the market. I respect The Knowledge but word to me, Sat Nav.

Ben Official vents his spleen

My boy Ben Official [driver/producer/footballer/other] is blogging again. He used to blog and he was hilarious. He's caught the bug again and he's going in. He started yesterday on Popular Culture and today he's moved on to Brit School students. Ignore the occasional spelling slip, it's funny as fuck, he's only going to get better [Best blog name evar!].

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

VIDEO: Camron- I Hate My Job

Damn this is hardbody shit pump shotty shit. Niggas shooting the party up over a bitch shit...well maybe it's not niggas shooting the party up over a bitch shit but it's good. Is Cam back? Can he do it? Why did he steal my song? I let him borrow it. Don't worry. He said he was scared of the blues guitar 8-bar break but apart from that he was down.

Monday, 2 February 2009


There are stories to go with all of these pictures and rest assured I will tell them. Right now though it's snow time. Woop!

Glowbal Warming?

Working out well this year isn't it?