Thursday, 22 October 2009

I won't read the BNP member list...

Thanks to whoever sent it to me, I appreciate the gesture, I understand and share your feelings on the BNP. But I still believe in privacy and I still believe in democracy. Nick Griffin is on Question Time tonight, it's going to explosive but I urge the emotionally charged anti-BNP movement to allow democracy to play itself out. I've seen every corner of this country personally and know the power of the British people. We are not a racist, fascist, intolerant people, we are a patient, understanding and respectable people. There are those who identify with certain aspects of a dangerous (but legitimate) political party and are expressing their support in the ballot box, that's democracy, we have no right to protest that. Any acts outside of that process are fair game, but the right for any person in this country to join any political party in this country without fear of prosecution must be protected. The BNP can be beaten legitimately, this will not be the way, their policies don't stand up to scrutiny in any respect, but we're not allowing them the time to prove that to us and until we do they're going to keep growing.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

VIDEO: Dave Chappelle is back

The Laugh Factory are giving us a couple of minutes of the Chappelle return? What the face? Give me some proper content motherfuckers! This video is okay, they're more jokes he'd tell after he's got you open so the rhythm is a bit funky but you get the idea. DAVE CHAPPELLE WOOP!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Shout outs to Boyzone

On tour we'd use the breakdown on 'Boyspot' to sing a random Boyzone song; usually 'Don't Love Me For Fun' since we reference them on the chorus. Rest in peace Stephen Gately, I can't say how much input he had into said classic number [I don't care to research it either] but this is in memory of him.

Marvin/ Boyspot [Spotify link]

BONUS: A performance of 'Boyspot' in Hartlepool with Example. Bad example for the most part because Tego was filling in as DJ so wasn't acting as hype man, therefore the 'Don't Love Me For Fun' was never started. Probably the only time we didn't do it though.

The Jack Nimble Monday Mix Part 1 (Spotify)

The Jack Nimble Monday Mix Part 1 (Spotify)

1. You Don't Want It- Cormega
2. Threat- Jay Z
3. Devil's Pie- D'Angelo
4. The Champ- Ghostface Killah
5. Scenester- Cage
6. Riot Akt- Gang Starr
7. Day One- D.I.T.C
8. The Potion- Ludacris
9. Leflaur Leflah Eshkosnka- Heltah Skeltah
10. When The Gun Draws- Pharoahe Monch
11. Trocadero- Marvin (The Martian)
12. Eternalists- Talib Kweli, Hi- Tek (Reflection Eternal)
13. Hollow Bones- Wu-Tang Clan
14. Bury Me A G- Young Jeezy
15. My Uncle- Ill Bill
16. Get Busy- The Roots, Peedi Peedi, Dice Raw)

Download Spotify and go in.

Testing Tweet Feed

Yeah yeah. I'm late on Twitter. I just wanted an easier way to push my DITD blogs.

Gotta Believe It

Drunk as a prick I was skipping through late night TV on Saturday when I came across 106 & Park on BET. I sometimes watch 106 & Park because it's hilarious, but low and behold Saigon and Just Blaze's 'Gotta Believe It' is being played. What? Saigon on 106 & Park? For 'Gotta Believe It' which is over a year old? I can dig it. Reminded me of my version which I didn't have to hand when I started typing this until I thought that I should probably check my sent items on Hotmail to see if it was there. It was. YEY.

Marvin/ Believe It [zSHARE]

Everything I say on this record is true. I really did have a cancer scare and it really did mess with me for a few days.

VIDEO: Tinie Tempah signs record deal

I didn't do any of this when I signed my deal. You all know how long the process was for me, wasted a lot, A LOT of time dealing with the actual contract. Should have put out a single and a mixtape in that time but I was stuck. Ho hum. By the time the contract was actually finished I got a call from my lawyer saying it was done. I asked him if we had the time to sign it there and then and get it back to Universal before the end of the day, he said we could, I jumped in the whip, drove to the lawyer's office and got it done. Kind of an anti-climax to be honest. I think if the process was at all smooth I'd have been happier but I just went home. Never actually popped a bottle on it at all. Took a MINUTE for the advance to finally clear and a HOT MINUTE for my studio budget to clear. Fucking labels. They both cleared eventually though, so Universal will always be cool to me. That was my second record deal. My first [which was a development deal- also through Universal] was even less sensational. Tego brought the contract to my house one night, we took a picture of me signing it but my phone was extra crappy at the time, I doubt that picture still exists.

Anyway, congratulations Tinie Tempah, I have little doubt that he'll be going the Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder route and more power to him, his single with Davinche 'Tears' was serious.

Creamie Cash

My little brother's clothing brand Creamie Cash is heating up at the moment. The T-Shirt I'm wearing in the above picture is one of his designs, I've had a lot of people come up and ask me where they can get Creamie Cash on tour over tour over the last couple of years, after a period of testing and selling to order my Bro's finally online and getting ready to launch. Check out although I'm not in his links for some reason? The fuck? Wretch 32 and Worldstarhiphop but no Marvin? Seriously? I'm gonna have to complain about that shit.

ALSO: Creamie Cash on Facebook.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Wow. Australia. Wow.

How uncomfortable is that? What's going on in Australia that only Harry Connick Jr was offended by that?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Has British rap music ever been worse?

I wrote about three pages of blog for this post, read it and thought it sounded bitter. It wasn't. In an attempt to avoid controversy I spent about 20 minutes justifying my thoughts. Fuck that. This song is fucking shit as is most rap music being released in Britain today. Take it how you want. I'm not going at Kano for it, he wants to breathe, let him breathe, but a spade's a spade and a piece of shit disgrace of a record is exactly that. This song offends me, genuinely.

I'll be running a series of blogs calling out bullshit crossover attempts and corny rap songs.

CHOON: Basement Jaxx Feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk/ Scars

This is a choon. I need this instrumental.