Monday, 30 June 2008

SpineMagazine is looking sick.

This is all.

That One Time TV [EPISODE 6] With Jack Nimble

Experimenting with some new editing techniques, they need to be perfected, this is pretty god damn funny though, as you can see Jack didn't need me to host.

Don't forget to grab Jack's Politically Incorrect Podcast for free

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Greatest Of All Time

One of those times when you truly feel proud to be hip-hop. Jay-Z is the greatest of all time and he really showed it last night. I know this post will be replicated a million times over on the internet today but in England it feels like the man's talent is still somewhat neglected. It shouldn't be. He is the best that ever did it. Period.

Can hip-hop OWN the main stage? Fuck you yes.

I will put my thoughts down properly tomorrow. For now I have a song to write.
Semtex Breaks the Wonderwalls down
Jay-Z talks to Time Out. Mentions Brixton because real G's do that kind of thing.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Catching the wave

That One Time.

Summer Heights High

No offence Lily Allen but you almost ruined BBC Three! No matter, Summer Heights High is here to save the day! Best new comedy in years.

That One Time TV [EPISODE 5] With Jermaine

I went to school with Jermaine. He had a great cameo in 'Top Girl', the Premiere of which I was just at on Wednesday. I say he had a great cameo, it was pretty much just the back of his head. I did not host this episode. I did not host the next episode either. I will not host every episode. I need to practice my hosting game before I step back in. I've seen early edits of Episode 6 and it looks hilarious. I have a pretty special plan for Episode 7 too.

The Blogspot Mixtape OUT NOW!!! FREE!!!!

The wait is over! 'The Blogspot Mixtape' is here! It is born! You can have it! For £0! Just by clicking the link at the bottom of this post and downloading! Woo! Excited yes?

1. Give Me The Drums Jack [Intro]
2. Paper Planes
3. C'Mon Baby [Freestyle]
4. Doctor Feat. Why Lout?
5. Return of the Marv
6. Gun Fever [Blam Blam]
7. GoodBooks Say... [Freestyle]
8. Mary Poppins [Freestyle]
9. Acceptable In The 80s
10. My Patch
11. Duffle Bag Marv [Freestyle]
12. Castlevania [Pixel Snippet]
13. Hood Lovely [Pixel Snippet]
14. Winebar Feat. Pixel
15. Great Day
16. Marv I Surrender [Freestyle]
17. Agent Orange [Freestyle]
18. Waste a Waste Man [Freestyle]
19. Step 2 Skank [Snippet]
20. Fresh Kick Feeling
21. Niche [Freestyle]
22. Boyspot
23. Spaceship
24. Your Mum 101 [Freestyle]
25. Superstar
26. Drugs In This Club
27. Terminator [Freestyle]
28. I Get Money [Signing On]
29. Believe It
30. Everything's Easy [Outro]

Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble- The Blogspot Mixtape [Sendspace]

You love it you know you do!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Live Mix Podcast [Episode 1]

Jack got heavy into the mix the other day and ended up starting a new series of Podcasts 'Politically Incorrect' which will see you through your working day, be that homework, washing up, paper shuffling or hiring and firing, this is episode 1, all the mixes are live and are made up by the songs that Jack is listening to the week of recording. We wanted to call it an "OfficeCast" rather than a "Podcast" then we wanted to call it a "zShareCast" because we know most people will just listen to it through the zShare link but in the end we were unable to break tradition. No revolutionaries are we!
DJ Jack Nimble- Politically Incorrect Live Mix Podcast Episode 1 [zShare]

There once was a tracklisting here.
Jack talked about the series here

Exclusive mixtapes, exclusive e-TV shows, exclusive live mix podcasts, exclusive MP3s. How can Devil In The Distance not be the best new blog of the year?
UPDATE: zShare hates us. We're using Sendspace for the time being.
UPDATE 2: I think posting the tracklisting was a bad move. We're back on zShare with no tracklisting.

Example- Dirty Face [Video]

Example - DirtyFace - Watch more free videos
This song absolutely kills live. 7" and CDR single out in July. 'Dirty Face' needs to be big in the clubs this summer.

Roots Manuva "I wonder if they would have said the same thing if it was Eminem?"

Good Roots Manuva interview with The Guardian. Let's be real, Eminem would have been welcomed with open arms. That's a strange thing to think about.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

That One Time [HunchBakk 2 Skool Bootleg Mix]

I've been holding this back for a couple of weeks now. I've mentioned HunchBakk on Devil In The Distance before. He's done a remix of 'That One Time', it's hot. Download it! Yey!

That One Time [HunchBakk 2 Skool Bootleg Mix] [zShare]

Ricky Gervais on NME Radio

Rosenberg uploaded this Gervais, Merchant & Pilkington NME Radio show last week. I've listened to it three times since. I got pretty sick of Gervais around the time of the second series of Extras, it can't be denied that this guy is entertaining though. Obviously Carl Pilkington is a genius.

Ricky Gervais on NME Radio- 9/6/08 [No Music] [zShare]

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

DJ Jack Nimble talking about 'The Blogspot Mixtape'[VIDEO]

Jack was talking about how he was going to write this great blog for 'The Blogspot Mixtape' but in the end I think he said "No. Writing is for suckers" he's part right. But he knew he had to blog, so he sat down and spoke to a camera about the whole affair. The syncing is a bit funny on the intro to the video but honestly we don't know how the hell that happened? We can't actually separate audio and video. I guess we can but we don't know how. Ho hum. The rest of the video is good though. Check it out.

Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble- 'The Blogspot Mixtape'

That One Time TV [EPISODE 4] With Pixel

This is probably my favourite episode so far. Racism is an excellent addition. I love that bit in every 'ToT TV' when the person gets emo; that's real shit right there!
Download 'The Blogspot Mixtape' if you haven't already.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Dad's Space

You know how I know Semtex is a G at this blog thing? I just came in from a little gathering to upload the next episode of 'That One Time TV' Featuring Pixel [probably won't be able to post it until the morning] and a little interview thing Jack did for 'The Blogspot Mixtape' on the Youtube; while I'm waiting for the upload I check, I'm checking out this new Double S video and this DJ Ironik interview with RWD when I discover an interview I did with Dad's Space a few months back being debuted on Semtex's blog. That's nuts.

Check me out on Dad's-Space.

Me aka NYoil on

Frig knows how this happened by Akira just sent through a link. have got my picture on an article about NYOil who wrote that song about getting lynched and who called Nas out something serious for his 'Be a Nigger Too' song. Man if 2DopeBoyz linked me that would make my day. Those of you who have listened to the mixtape already this morning will have heard me shout them out at the end. Their website is very serious. interview

Check out this interview I did with last week

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Pre-Blogspot Mixtapes

It's about that time of the year when mixtapes pretty much dictate 95% of my playlist and with 'The Blogspot Mixtape' less than 24 hours away from internet infamy I figured I'd hook you up with two more internet exclusive mixtapes that I'm listening to right now.

The first is Charles Hamilton & DJ Green Lantern's 'Outside Looking' mixtape which is my discovery of the month easily. Green Lantern is the best mixtape DJ in the world to me, so I took a punt on this tape being decent and hopefully Charles Hamilton would come out with some game, the kid is pretty crazy. A young Eminem/ Masta Ace kind of flow. It's hard to describe, reminds me of Cory Gunz a little bit, a little bit of Lupe in there. He's having fun with it though, that comes across.

Charles Hamilton & DJ Greenl Lantern- Outside Looking [zShare]

The second tape is the new 50 Cent/ G-Unit tape called 'Sincerely Yours'. On the set of 50's new film [not sure which one], 50 recorded a throw-back tape with Mister Cee [Biggie's DJ]. Honestly it's pretty amazing, 50 on soul tracks is perfect, he really lets them breathe too, if you're driving today, whether you like 50 or not, throw it on and cruise. You will not regret it. It's basically 50 Cent swagger for 16 bars then a whole classic soul record. It's genius!

50 Cent & Mister Cee- Sincerely Yours [zShare]

Tomorrow though, it's about one thing!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Semtex played me

Ha! Sem's been my favourite DJ on 1Xtra since day one and just now he played me for the first time. I'm so happy right now. What did he play you ask? You've heard 'Believe It' right? No? Oh that's right, that went to Semtex first, it's on 'The Blogspot Mixtape' out MONDAY!

Semtex on Wordpress

Pro Green- Trunk Sh!t

My boy Pro Green partnered with FreshCotton to give away a spanking MP3 'Trunk Sh!t'.

Click and follow FreshCotton's instructions. It's basically a click and save thing.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

That One Time TV [EPISODE 3] With Akira The Don

A lot of Aids talk in this episode. I think we may have dealt with some serious childhood issues.

Failing to tackle the problem

There was a great article in the Sunday Times this weekend by Chris Woodhead about Ed Balls [Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families] and his plan to save failing schools in Britain. It kinda blows out the whole "Academies are the saviour to all the world's ills" ideal that the government have been promoting over the last few years. It questions how important local government should be to the standard of education and promotes private funding in education. For a while I've been of the opinion that the only way kids can be truly successful in schools is if there are people at the top who genuinely want them to be successful, this is currently not the case, the failures in teaching and behaviour management cause mass disruption in every class and there's no real motivation to get it right. I think it's pretty incredible that for a school to not be considered a failure less than 30% of students need to pass 5 A*-C GCSE exams before the age of 19. Wow. Most 19 year olds will pass a GCSE exam, if you can get them to stick around that long, how can that be considered an achievement? Let's be real here, how many schools are failing?

READ: Failing to tackle the problem- Chris Woodhead

The Blogspot Mixtape Tracklisting

'The Blogspot Mixtape' is finished. It will drop Monday! The final tracklisting is below. It's a seriously great mixtape if I do say so myself. Be excited, be very excited.

Everybody tune into DJ Semtex's show on 1Xtra tomorrow night from 10PM to Midnight to hear the exclusive 'Believe It' which is on 'The Blogspot Mixtape' as you can probably see.

1. Give Me The Drums Jack [Intro]
2. Paper Planes
3. C'Mon Baby [Freestyle]
4. Doctor Feat. Why Lout?
5. Return of the Marv
6. Gun Fever [Blam Blam]
7. GoodBooks Say... [Freestyle]
8. Mary Poppins [Freestyle]
9. Acceptable In The 80s
10. My Patch
11. Duffle Bag Marv [Freestyle]
12. Castlevania [Pixel Snippet]
13. Hood Lovely [Pixel Snippet]
14. Winebar Feat. Pixel
15. Great Day
16. Marv I Surrender [Freestyle]
17. Agent Orange [Freestyle]
18. Waste a Waste Man [Freestyle]
19. Step 2 Skank [Snippet]
20. Fresh Kick Feeling
21. Niche [Freestyle]
22. Boyspot
23. Spaceship
24. Your Mum 101 [Freestyle]
25. Superstar
26. Drugs In This Club
27. Terminator [Freestyle]
28. I Get Money [Signing On]
29. Believe It
30. Everything's Easy [Outro]

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Kid Rock doesn't like taste of Apple

Kid Rock is boycotting Apple's iTunes because he believes that the artist back end is too low. Kid Rock's a few tens of millions down the line at this point so is in that beautiful position to be able to reject distribution, the most important online distributor no-less, some of us are not in that position and I don't want to piss anybody at Apple off because I'm a bitch and I have no choice but what Kid Rock says is not entirely untrue. The back end for artists out of an iTunes sale is outrageous.

This story comes off the back of billionaire geniuses Kiss announcing that they're not going to record a new album until fans start getting real and start to calm down with their downloading ways. Again, Gene Simmons and the gang are so rich it's beyond consideration but it's well documented that Kiss have many millions of fans worldwide and a Kiss record regardless of era or quality will do well, the fact that they've taken this stance affects the fans who want to buy Kiss records, or want to hear Kiss records, they appear to be doing back to the fans what the fans are doing to the industry; I respect that...saying that, I give a lot of music away and I love my fans, I will probably always sell and leak music in tandem, that's kinda the way it has to be in this era. Will illegal downloading ever slow? My thing is that there are kids now, who have grown up with downloading, there was no other, buying a C.D? What? I had broadband as long as I can remember. Can we breakthrough that mentality or have we lost a generation?

I say, Universal, Warners, EMI, Sony etc. get together and build like 50 million record players, give them away and stop releasing music on the internet completely, no digital formats, records are on Vinyl again and if you want it, you have to buy it! Unless you're listening to one of those horrible audio rips.

Scared of an election? Gordon Brown? No way!

Moments after David Davis officially resigned from his post as MP for Haltemprice and Howden; the Labour Party have announced that they will not contest the seat. David Davis was very clear in his reasoning, he wanted to let the people decide whether or not they feel 42 days (6 weeks) in an acceptable amount of time to be held with no charge in the name of protection. Gormless doesn't think anybody deserves a say on the matter of freedom and while he slipped a further 3 points behind in the polls apparently the best thing for him to do is to run with his tail between his legs. England loses again. covers the story

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

That One Time TV [EPISODE 2] Featuring Ben Official

We're still working out the kinks in the show but we're starting to get an understanding of what we want it to be. We've got three interviews lined up for tomorrow. We're hoping to broadcast every 2-3 days.

Fair Trade and the Coke Trade

Don't Panic put together an interesting article about the origins of cut street level cocaine. Check it out, some of the stats are fascinating. I watched Alex James' Panorama documentary about cocaine and thought it was a little bit wet, you can't argue with the facts though.

Lethal's a soldier

My boy Lethal B was performing at Download Festival over the weekend, apparently he got a bit of a Jay-Z reaction when he was announced and knew he was going to get a rough ride from a section of the audience; he's a soldier though and banged through the set. A few people were throwing bottles early on [retarded] and I know I would have thought about leaving at that point but if you know Bizzle and you know his live set you'll know that he can win over even the most skeptical audience member, by the sounds of things he won them over by the end and earned at the very least; their respect. I need to see Bizzle live again, him and 2Face were killing them on the 'Back To Bizznizz Tour'.

Spotted via

Monday, 16 June 2008

That One Time TV [EPISODE 1]

Introducing my new Kyte channel 'That One Time TV'.

I'm going to be traveling with my camera team for the next two months talking to anybody who wants to be talked to about their experiences in school.

The sections of 'That One Time TV' are...

Damn Homie In High School You Were The Man Homie
We want to know of any famous people that went to your school and what you know about those people.

I Gave You Some Cheese Flan
School is a harsh place for the toughest of us, what I want to know is some stories of physical situations that may have amused you or even mentally destroyed all makes for great TV.

Example was telling me a few weeks back about this one time he convinced a kid that the opposite of a "Rude boy" was a "Buderoy". "Buderoy" then went on to become slang in Example's school. I've stolen that word to name this section where I want to hear slang sayings or expressions that you felt were unique to your school and what they mean/meant.

Mr Jones Once Said
This section is about teachers you liked or disliked. Did your Maths teacher smell? Did your science teacher fall down the stairs? Let me know!

A Blue Hair Day
We've all worn some questionable items of clothing and we all definitely know somebody else who did. Let it be known.

Perfect Day
We want you to relive the ultimate in worst school days, the wound may still be fresh but it's time to let it breathe again.

If you want to get involved with 'That One Time TV' email me with your details and I'll try to set it up. If you come to any of my gigs over the next 2 months we'll have a camera ready to ask you questions.

My Kyte URL is Kyte.TV/MarvinTheHuman. Email any home made 'That One Time TV' videos and I'll put them up immediately.

I'm also going to talk to a people who are still in school to get a fresh perspective on 'That One Time'.

David Letterman is the best

Jonathan Ross fell off but even at his best he couldn't f*ck with Dave. I only know what "The Hills" is by reputation and before today I had no idea who "Spencer" was, but I know now, SPENCER GOT BOYED!


Friday, 13 June 2008

Barry George retrial

It must have passed me by, but I've just been reading details of Barry George's retrial for the murder of Jill Dando. I remember seeing a documentary about the lack of evidence used in the original trial and how the crown prosecution actually had no right to put him up for murder in the first place, he won an appeal last year and has been on remand since. His retrial began on June 9th with almost 7 years of his life lost to prison. My question is this; when did it become okay to try a man for the same crime twice? And how the f*ck did the crown prosecution let that case see the light of day with absolutely no evidence? My understanding is that Barry George has mental problems and was poorly represented in the original trial, it could be that he killed Jill Dando that night, but what country is it we're living in where a man can be treated so unjustly? We all have the right to fair trial no? I don't want to sound conspiracy theorist but the high profile murder of a TV personality unsolved for 2 years must have added some serious pressure to everybody involved with catching Jill Dando's killer.

R.I.P Jill Dando.

Plan-B [Brixton] Live July 3rd

My home away from home. I'm going to tear Plan-B down on July 3rd YOU MUD? More details as they come in!

Punisher 2 Trailer

The first Punisher film is one of the worst ever but this looks pretty good. Marvel films these days are generally of a certain standard.

Stunt and a farce?


So Gormless Brown thinks that David Davis stepping down as Shadow Home Secretary and MP for Haltemprice and Howden is a "Stunt that has become a farce". It's clearly a "Stunt" and as far as I can see it's done its job, people are talking about the 42 days and they're talking about David Davis as a man of principle. Gormless also claims that David Davis is splitting his party, which I think shows exactly why Mr Brown is such a terrible leader, Davis had this to say "We're a party not a regiment and we're in politics hopefully, and virtually in all cases, for reasons of principle." I personally doubt that any politician is in politics for reasons of principle at this point, be they Liberal Democrats, Labour or Conservatives but while some in the "Political elite" media are calling David Davis' actions farcical I see them as the only hope British people can have in our political system. As far as I'm concerned you can sit on either side of the fence, you can allow yourself to be scared into thinking the Police need 42 days or you can be rational and see the law for what it is, a blatant disregard for civil liberties, but you can not deny that David Davis is doing something he believes in and something that needs to be done; the country needs to have a say in this, whether it's only Haltemprice and Howden, it will be more people than Labour are currently allowing to decide whether or not our freedom is destroyed. I personally don't see how this affair can reflect badly on David Davis or his party, David Cameron has already said that he's going to campaign for Davis if Labour nominate a candidate to run against him (of course they won't because they're scared).

I might be biased though as David Davis appears to be the only modern working class politician with any profile these days and of course My MP voted against the changes.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Top Girl Trailer

I mentioned this film last week. I've seen a lot of people talking about AdultHood this week and I'm not sure if Fierce Productions necessarily want that association but I will say this; 'Top Girl' does not star anybody that may or may not have been Dirty Den's American one week Cockney the next week daughters. I'm feeling the trailer a lot.

Premiere's on June 25th check for more details or email Rebecca.

9 votes for 42 days


Gormless Brown forced through his 42 day detention law yesterday by 9 votes. It's being reported that Gormless bought votes for his freedom destroying bill by promising funding for constituencies, mainly in Northern Ireland. This is when Democracy goes all the way wrong, it's no secret that New Labour have divided to conquer in their 11 years, separating the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish and the English by a growing veil of resentment, hell the North, South divide is as bad as I've known it socially; for no reason too, we're all getting fucked! The idea that we as common people under Gormless' rule can now be imprisoned for 42 days with no charge is so unbelievably frightening that you wonder whether we are in fact living in some kind of horrible sci-fi film. The abuses our civil liberties have suffered under this government defy belief, a Labour government at that, involvement in every level of existence in this country is affected by government on some level. Layers of blatant corruption are covered, re-covered and forgotten, the class divide is epic, education standards are at an all time low, bullying tactics at local government level blunt progress, the youth murder rate is beyond a joke. The BBC might want to focus on the politics side of Gormless Brown's failure; he can't convince his party, he has rebels, he backed out of the snap election etc. but of course it's deeper than that, Saint Tony of Blair is equally responsible, they are the 1-2, Tony's government fucked this country, Gormless just came in to finish the job (the only job he's done well so far). Save our economy? The Chancellor for 11 years is now going to save our economy? That's his economy! That false economy he built on debt, loans, mortgages and pensions. It's about time somebody with some profile broke down exactly what this government has done to this country, if it doesn't happen soon, any faith Britain has left in party politics will rapidly fade.

Say what you will about David Davis but resigning as an MP to re-fight the seat on the issue of the 42 days is exactly the kind of thing that the shit for brains politicians in this country need to be doing! That right there is a man of principle.


Lil Wayne's new album has sold 423,000 copies in its first day of release. Sales are what they are generally, I don't watch that kind of thing, but when you hear a number like that you can't help but be awestruck. Word is that he'll sell 950,000 records in the full first week. I always wonder though, when radio starts saying "Lil Wayne album breaks records" and all the websites report it and MTV News report it, don't a lot of people go "God damn! I need that album!?!?!" perhaps increasing the sales? I don't understand consumer trends like that though, I'm too oddball. I remember Jay-Z was projected at 850,000 first week for 'Kingdom Come' and ended up coming in at like 690,000. God damn those numbers are stupid. I'm going to sell numbers like that, my projected first week sales are eleventyhundreds.

I got my copy by the way. Shout outs to all the "Backinanaday" Wayne fans.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Marvin drunk spitting with Narstie & Nathan [VIDEO]

I remember checking my watch like 4 minutes before this popped off, it was 2:07AM so we're talking about 2:11AM or there abouts when Narstie started shouting "GET YOUR RAT OUT" into the Karaoke mic. The Moet, Belvedere and Wild Turkey had been flowing officially for 5 hours. Little Man grabbed a mic from the next room to see if we could make it sync, we couldn't. The freestyling reconvened shortly after, that footage is for another time though. SHABBA!

UPDATE: Marvin just reminded me that the reason Narstie is screaming so loudly at the start is because this one guy who was in Big Brother maybe last year was sleeping on a chair in our room. Narstie wasn't happy so woke him up with screaming.

Tinchy Stryder- Stryderman [VIDEO]

I'm feeling this. Something of the Michael Jackson about it.

Tinchy's on Blogspot

Throb/ Throb/ Throb

You give me a free bar at your peril. You give me a free bar at my peril! Last night was crazy. I've never officially done Karaoke so last night was definitely a first. With free Moet you'd have been just as singy as me believe. Tego filmed a lot of it so expect some Fresh Prince and All Saints Karaoke footage in the coming days. Shout outs to Akira, Pixel, Tego, Nimble, Ben, Luke, Trencha, Nath, Narstie, Little Man, Pro Green, Ali Love, Louise, The Mystery Jets and all the people I met but can't...quite...remember right now it was a good night. I say more open bar parties for me! Somebody hook that up! I can't remember everything that went down, I remember doing my version of 'Superstar' by Lupe Fiasco in a Karaoke room. I remember freestyling with Narstie and Little Man to Michael Jackson beats, I remember singing Amy Winehouse songs, Sam Sparro song(!) and I remember a big hairy guy with a Big Brother microphone. I had no info for him.

UPDATE: My boy Josh Spero who I met last night has footage of us singing 'Back To Black' on his blog. You can't see much but you can hear the genius!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Nas- The Nigger Tape [MP3]

Is Nas back? Did he do it? 'Hip-Hop Is Dead' made such a minuscule impact in my brain and the two albums before that I can barely name a track from. I want to believe the old Nas is back though. Are you there Nas? Are you? Please? The full MP3 leak of his new mixtape with the greatest Mixtape DJ working today Green Lantern is out today and is available below. I need that separate tracks version soon.

Nas & DJ Green Lantern: The Nigger Tape [zShare]

Big Silly Karaoke Party

I just found out that Narstie and Little Man are coming through to Karaoke it up tomorrow night at The Big Silly Karaoke Party. I'm gonna get slizard and singy for cancer. Oh lord I so am.

Billy Danze EXCLUSIVE 'Savages'

My boy, the legend Billy Danze of M.O.P fame just hit me up with this super exclusive heat 'Savages'. Bill's going hard on this as usual, he says he's got a new LP and a reality show coming up. An M.O.P reality show? You crazy? That's going to be genius!

Billy Danze: 'Savages' [zShare]

That One Time [Aidan Lavelle Lizard Remix]

Check out Aidan Lavelle's Lizard Remix of 'That One Time' on my MySpace. It cuts off at the end because I want you to go and buy it on July 21st. It's quality. Perfect for this weather.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

That One Time [Akira The Don Remix]

Akira goes all the way Grange Hill on this hot remix of 'That One Time'. Download for free By right clicking and saving as here.

The photo above is from the first gig I ever did with Akira in 2006...maybe 2005 actually...I'm going to check...MySpace says Apr 7th 2006, we'd just recorded 'Oobie Doo (Will You Ever Love Me)' and that's what we performed. Good night actually. Mary got her phone stolen though.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Top Girl

I'm going to the premiere of a film called 'Top Girl' on June 25th, my girl Kate is doing some PR work on it at the moment so of course I am showing love on my site [for what it's worth]. This was filmed on the same estate that we shot the 'Back In The Day Remix' video [S.P.E/ home] and is definitely going to be worth checking out. I'll let the experts tell it.

At a time when young black London is hitting the news for crime and violence, TOP GIRLtells the story of girls growing up in a man’s world.

Brixton rude girls Donna and Felicia are inseparable best friends but aspiring MC Donna is unquestionably TOP GIRL. Truthful, tender and punctuated by ill advised sexual encounters, TOP GIRL is a naively comic story of deep and lasting friendship.

TOP GIRL is a film by Fierce Productions, an award-wining not-for-profit company working with young people. 20 plus young people understudied a professional crew in making the film and were also an integral part of developing the script and story. Says Fierce Director Rebecca Johnson ‘TOP GIRL is the second film we’ve shot on Stockwell Park Estate, right in the heart of Brixton. In a way both films are love songs to my local community but the themes they address are universal’. Rebecca’s documentary HOME TURF, also made with and on the Estate, was recently screened to great acclaim at the National Film Theatre. Her drama THAT SINKING FEELING netted international prizes and award nominations and FAST BREAK won the First Light Best Drama award in 2007.

TOP GIRL stars Rumbi Mautsi and Naomi Lewis, two major new talents, alongside established actors Alexis Rodney (Life and Lyrics) and Jay Brown (A Class Apart). It also features a blink-and-you’ll miss it cameo from veteran black British actor Victor Romero Evans (Storm Damage). TOP GIRL’s sound track features ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena and hot South London rapper Skwilla, a fast rising star in the British urban music scene.

TOP GIRL will be submitted to major film festivals internationally including Sundance, Berlin, Venice and the Academy Awards.

I'm hoping to get a trailer soon.

I'm a Karaoke man!

On Tuesday I am going to be helping out my boy Akira as he hosts a room in The Karaoke Box in Farringdon at an event called 'Big Silly Karaoke party, in association with Versus Cancer' [catchy]. A couple of weeks ago I found a more info needed really. I was pretty terrified. I did like Hollyoaks taught me though and went to see my G.P straight away. He did a test, he said I'd have the results in a week...scarier still. I worked through the week trying to forget about it but it was difficult. When the day came I was sweating buckets, my GP told me it was not the big C but was something else. This was last Friday when I was supposed to be in Weston Super Mare , I'm genuinely sorry to everybody that came out but I couldn't let people know, Hollyoaks says I should but I'm just not that kind of guy. So I consider the battle against Cancer to be a big one for me at the moment and shall be embarrassing myself hugely alongside the likes of Happy Mondays, Agyness Deyn and Simon Le Bon, Jarvis Cocker, The Charlatans, Chas n Dave and many more. I'm going to try and sneak my rendition of 'Return of the Mack' into the set and I think we should try and do 'Boom'. Should be a great night.

If you find a lump, seriously; get it checked!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Been the sh*t since I was sh*tsteen

After hearing Cory Gunz absolutely murderlate 'A Millie' , I see this video by Gillie [King of Philly? Rilly?] The Kid featuring some other guy, some other guy and one of the most underrated Peedi Crakk and it's become pretty obvious to me that I need to touch this beat. It's one of those beats that you either love or you hate, I would expect the line is thin when the fire water flows but as a rapper it's so tempting. I don't think I'm going to get on it in time to make 'The Blogspot Mixtape' but I have to do it nonetheless.

Word to my family in Philly. I should call a cousin and ask if Gillie's really the king or if Beans is still that dude, or is it still Fresh Prince?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Solution is underrated

I didn't like Beanie Sigel's last album 'The Solution' all that much when I first heard it. We had it on tour with Lethal Bizzle last year at the same time as 'American Gangster' [Jay-Z], 'Maths+English' [Dizzee Rascal] and 'Free At Last' [Freeway] and it got the lowest amount of spins, there are clearly songs on the album that should never have been conceived. I actually forgot that I deleted the R.Kelly song from my iPod. The Ozzy Osbourne song with the riff from the first Kano album is pretty weak and I find it very hard to take any song sampling James Blunt seriously but apart from that, the album is solid. The song in the video ['Go Low']above should have been huge, is it me or is that a guide vocal by Rock City[?] while they waited for Akon to come through? 'You Aint Ready For Me' is that hard spit you want from Beans and Styles P, 'Pass The Patron' is the weirdest Beanie Sigel record maybe ever but he kills it, Ghostface kills it, Peedi kills it, why wasn't it a single? Hov kills 'Gutted' even though the beat is a little motionless. I've been listening to the album recently when I'm working out and it's one of the few modern rap albums that actually lends itself to self-motivation [Jeezy not included of course. That guy should sell time shares he's so good]. The album seemed to come and go though. I think he's back on house arrest after violating parole [his lack of tour activity and general movement leading to an unsuccessful promo campaign can largely be attributed to his parole] so god knows when we'll get a new Beanie Sigel album.

What we really need is some new Uncle Murda though.

New Roots Manuva Video

Godfather Rodney is back. Shit bangs so hard. I need to get on that tour. Somebody scream at me! Roots isn't the only one going Bashment this summer!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Blogspot Mixtape Cover

You may have seen this on Akira's site. We are recording the last three tracks this week. Jack has been minxing it for the last 8-9 days. I can't give you an exact tracklisting until...Thursday...yeah Thursday; but I can say that it will include such songs as 'Paper Planes', 'Doctor' Feat. Why Lout?, 'GoodBooks Say', 'Rude Chap', 'Agent Orange', 'Great Day', 'Spaceship' and many many more.

I'm not going to put an EXACT release date on it I will say that between the 16th and the 20th of June, you'll have yourself a brand new online exclusive theme tape.

Monday, 2 June 2008

I'm going to buy 'Tha Carter III'

You'll know by now that the most anticipated hip-hop album of the year; Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter III' leaked on Friday afternoon. I have been a Wayne fan for a while now, longer than the hipster squad that go so hard for Wayne, The Clipse and and what have you. I've pretty much stayed mum on the subject of his new album since his last album. Wayne's every move has been analysed, over-analysed and re-over-analysed, he's said some stupid things, done some stupid things and made some pretty stupid songs. I always said that I'd ultimately reserve judgment until the new album dropped...and here it is.

I'll put my thoughts on the album into a proper post later in the week but I will say that I'm impressed by the general production sound, it's very consistent, I'm impressed by the conceptual songs and I'm happy that there are less "Throw-away" lines than I've become used to hearing from Weezy as of late. It's by no means perfect, there are a couple of songs that rub me the wrong way, but on the whole Wayne has done enough to convince me to purchase the album on June 10th.

Devil In The Distance: Tracklisting

1. Goodbye
2. Trocadero
3. First Born
4. Get By (Be Good)
5. That One Time
6. Richard's Nan
7. Fight Or Flee
8. Devil In The Distance
9. Superhero
10. Carry Me

'Devil In The Distance' in the form you see above, the amazing, classic first album by myself; Marvin. This album will be released digitally on July 28th. I will then release an album physically in September. 'DITD' is my debut album. I love it. You will love it.

Daily Mail: Popular culture no longer applies to me

As a rapper and a hip-hop fan in Britain I constantly feel my back's to the wall culturally. Whenever somebody gets shot, stabbed, arrested for selling drugs or whatever it feels like hip-hop is mentioned. So honestly, I'm being totally honest here, I got pretty pissed off when this year's "Suicide epidemic" was going off Emo music wasn't mentioned, but then of course I checked myself, they made me feel like that, I don't think that, I listen to Marylin Manson like he's Jay-Z, I'm yet to kill myself.

The Daily Mail published a pretty sensationalist article about the dangerous "Cult of emo" which you will by now probably have heard about. My Chemical Romance were the main targets for the article and a few of their fans gathered to protest the story over the weekend (can you beat that for PR?). I think "Protests" are a somewhat watered down sentiment these days, I used to see all these embassies in London being protested on by African groups begging for Britain to send troops into their home countries to save their families from dictators and corrupt politicians, that really fucked with me, that's some real shit. My point is this; I am personally glad that there are kids out there listening to shit their parents don't like (these days that's rare, my mum hated Onyx, your mum likes Lily Allen, The Ting Tings and The Fratellis). I'm going to start making emo, thug, monster hardcore, death-rap, gangster rock, just for the kids who can't help themselves buying Hoosiers singles.

UPDATE: at the rally