Friday, 27 June 2008

The Blogspot Mixtape OUT NOW!!! FREE!!!!

The wait is over! 'The Blogspot Mixtape' is here! It is born! You can have it! For £0! Just by clicking the link at the bottom of this post and downloading! Woo! Excited yes?

1. Give Me The Drums Jack [Intro]
2. Paper Planes
3. C'Mon Baby [Freestyle]
4. Doctor Feat. Why Lout?
5. Return of the Marv
6. Gun Fever [Blam Blam]
7. GoodBooks Say... [Freestyle]
8. Mary Poppins [Freestyle]
9. Acceptable In The 80s
10. My Patch
11. Duffle Bag Marv [Freestyle]
12. Castlevania [Pixel Snippet]
13. Hood Lovely [Pixel Snippet]
14. Winebar Feat. Pixel
15. Great Day
16. Marv I Surrender [Freestyle]
17. Agent Orange [Freestyle]
18. Waste a Waste Man [Freestyle]
19. Step 2 Skank [Snippet]
20. Fresh Kick Feeling
21. Niche [Freestyle]
22. Boyspot
23. Spaceship
24. Your Mum 101 [Freestyle]
25. Superstar
26. Drugs In This Club
27. Terminator [Freestyle]
28. I Get Money [Signing On]
29. Believe It
30. Everything's Easy [Outro]

Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble- The Blogspot Mixtape [Sendspace]

You love it you know you do!


Jon Sidwell said...

Nice one dude! Checked the mixtape out, its really wicked!

Can't wait for your album :o)

I'll be posting about the mixtape on Music Liberation within the next day or two.


Anonymous said...

Marv shit's classic!

Anonymous said...

this is hot

Tego said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Nice one Sid. I shouted you guys out on the outro.

Jon Sidwell said...

Yeah cheers man that was wicked, loved hearing that!

Im working on the Mixtape post now, will be on ML later tonight.


Anonymous said...

just listened through for the first time. Nice stuff, i thought it picked up after the pix tracks but maybe the 2nd play through will change my mind. Even Jtwr gets a mention!

Jon Sidwell said...


The post is up!

Getting lots of hits through the Hype Machine (


Anonymous said...

You the man.

Anonymous said...

'richard's nan' is classic

Unknown said...

I appreciate it man. Definitely one of my favourites.

Dick0369 said...


Anonymous said...

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