Monday, 22 February 2010

Paul Morley meets Giggs

This is a really good article and video of Paul Morley interviewing Giggs. Morley really knows his shit, really well researched. Really interesting.

Crazy thing about Giggs is if you didn't know better you'd think he was a new school gangster-grime MC but because he's from Peckham in the same era as me I hear the No Limit, Dirty South, West Coast influence. You don't know how the hustlers were going crazy for Master-P and them back in the day.

LINK: Paul Morley interviews Giggs [Guardian]

Mixtape update

Almost done, thanks to everybody who got in touch about doing the artwork. You all are some talented people for real. No pressure, I'll let you know how it turned out asap.

I was given B.O.B's new mixtape the other week, that guy's on some shit. Makes me want to start writing some bluesy pop ditties to see where they go.

I just broke some secret news to somebody via email. I'll reveal a little more to the rest of you once the mixtape drops.

I can't think if anything to say. I do things all week and go "I'll blog about that" and then when I sit in front of a computer I totally forget what they were. Too much weeds. Or not enough. I forget how that works. HA.



What Ever Did Happen To Grindie?

I spoke to Joseph 'JP' Patterson [from all those Grime articles you read] a couple of weeks ago about Grindie. Remember Grindie? Indie and Grannies? Grannies Indie? Grindie? Yeah that's the one. Anyway, the result of our conversation has been published on the MTV website here. I could go on for days but I'm introspective like that. HA! Sorry, I meant pretentious.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sorry, sorry...

Been MIA again. Busy as a busy prick. Who's not a prick but is still busy. Almost done with the tape. We really want to make it great. But also have enough ready for the follow-up tape so we're not left waiting like we are now.

I'm also looking for somebody to do me a little Mixtape cover? We usually do them in-house but the computer we had photoshop on has perished and it's all a bit too painful to think about. If any of you are geniuses and could do me a cover please email me whylout[at]

For now, check for ATD:21. One of my favourite Akira projects was his Valentines Day EP a few years ago. EPs are great. I'm listening to PUSH! Montana's Valentines Day EP 'The 5 Heart Beats' at the moment. It's free online. Google it. It's kinda saccharine but it's so polished and commercial, I kinda like it. Definitely does what it says on the tin.

I'm pretty much going to start the title of my mixtape with the letter A. Akira's smart like that, his mixtapes all come up first on iPods and MP3 players. I might call my mixtape "AAA- First on your iPod". Actually I might definitely call it that.

Aight peeps. I'll write again tomorrow. Or my name isn't Marvin Juggontanitis Thomas. Which it isn't.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Stimulus Package

Oh man this album is amazing. February 15th everybody has to buy it. Best producer/rapper combination since Gangstarr. I promise you.

Monday, 1 February 2010

MP3: Marvin The Martian Feat. Jack Nimble / Sterling Crumble

With the UK economy finally clawing it's way out of recession I figured it would be a good time to unleash my ode to the financial mismanagement. We actually filmed a little hood video for this song, we delayed releasing it and ended up losing it to a dead hard drive hence its overall delay. It bangs so heavy though and the lyrics still resonate, especially considering the fact that most financial experts are predicting a double dip in the economy back into negative growth this Spring. Woo. They say the people don't feel the pinch until well after the "Recovery" we'll see.

This track features a guest vocal from Jacketh of Nimble. It's co-produced by Jack Nimble and Ben Official and is my official 'Get ready for the double dip' anthem. GET YOUR MONEY!

Marvin The Martian Feat. Jack Nimble/ Sterling Crumble [ZSHARE]

I've got a new song for you

I said I would and I do. You're gonna have to wait until this afternoon for it though. I'm getting the final mix sent over.

I recorded a couple of big boy bangers yesterday. We had a real good studio time. Also got a tiny bit crunk on Saturday night to toast my birthday. A little Kirsch, a little Tequila, a little Cider, a little Lager, a little Amaretto, a little weedings. I didn't feel great Sunday morning but the cafe set me right before recording.

I've been asked to contribute a song to a charity album which I am going to do. I'll get more details on that to you soon.

I'll be back this afternoon with something for the masses.