Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Akala's F64

I watched Pro Green go in the other day, then I saw Sway go in yesterday, obviously I watched a bag of Grime man going in, but today SBTV dropped Akala's F64. Obviously that's the darg so we're gonna feel it on some level regardless, but listen to the man, he's peaking right now, not only is he fitting an insane amount of knowledge and soul in that verse, but he's way, way more in the pocket with the flow than anybody other than maybe Chipmunk I've ever seen on F64. Not to say I feel a way about Chipmunk because I really don't, but his flow was kinda nasty on his F64.

Akala's new album 'Doublethink' is out May 3rd. You already know I'm buying that shit.


BitByteBit said...

Safe for pointing his vid out, I think your right, but I really dnt think chipmunk was better.
And wag-the fuck-gwan with your blog dude?!?!

joven said...

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