Friday, 20 August 2010

Tell Marvin to release some music

You guys know Marvin right? This is his blog. He hasn't posted anything on it since April and he really hasn't posted much in 2010 period. Which is cool, he works, he works hard. But he also hasn't given you any music in a long time, a really long time, I made him give away 'Loose Change' a few months back but that was it. He actually has several albums worth of material recorded. Really good shit too. He also has the ability to make new songs. He hasn't done that in months. I know right? Well he's on Facebook here and is on PlaystationNetwork as MusicMan1 so I suggest you add him on both and put some pressure on him to release some new music. He recorded on ATD:24 but he didn't even promote it here. What's that all about? If you want new Marvin music [and believe me he has it] you should absolutely get in touch via his Facebook and his PS3 identity to let him know.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

While I'm on the subject though, you should hassle Jack Nimble who has loads of songs, he's on Facebook here and you should hassle Metin 'Pixel' Balli who has way more songs than he'd want you to believe, he's on Facebook here.

If this doesn't work I'll post their phone numbers.

[p.s. that photo is by Sladey K, yes, THE SLADEY K, from Envy's album launch a few months back and in the background you can see Ben, Tiago and Marco. The elusive Marco in photo form. This doesn't mean anything to you I know, but there he is.]

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Arthur Dent said...

i'll be the first to throw my support behind this, would be great to have a little more going on in this blog

and would be even better if all those guys were more visible in the music game|!!