Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Marvin has started work on new music

So you guys did what needed to be done and I caught up with Marvin on Monday night when he revealed to me that he had just been in a meeting with Jack where they played through some beats and started putting some plans together. The thinking at the moment is that Marvin actually has half a mixtape in the bag and maybe a 3rd of an album or half of an EP. The sounds of the mixtape and the album are very different but we will be releasing them both in 2010. The album currently sounds very dark, very haunted. An intriguing development I'm sure you'll agree.

He is accepting beat submissions for his mixtape via email whylout[at]hotmail[dot]com and would love to have you guys be involved.

I have told Marvin he needs to tell you what's going on directly and he says he will do.


Arthur Dent said...

dark and haunting. i think that sounds right up my street!

i'll have to try and revive my computer so i can sling some beats in his direction

Tego said...

Do. Marvin's writing at the moment, get a beat in the pile, he'll go in.

Anonymous said...

Btw what do u think about this drum pack?
Is it a good choice for producer?