Friday, 27 February 2009

Things I am Doing...

My blogging has been slack. So slack that I don't have a picture for this post. There are no pictures on the computer I'm using. It's too new. So I thought I'd run down a list of things I'm doing currently...

I am...recording.

I am...planning another mixtape.

I am...working out my second album.

I am...4 or 5 definite tracks in.

I am...working with Pixel on his new project also.

I am...working on a new format to distribute my music on. Seriously. I think I'm close.

I am...watching Heroes.

I am...playing a lot of Xbox.

I am...not listening to a lot of new hip-hop it has to be said.

I am...not on Twitter. It would probably work out well for me but between MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Blogspot I think I'm done. I have to be.

I am...kinda fucked up over David Cameron's kid. It didn't register how sad it was until I actually sat down and thought about it. Really, really, sad.

I am...surviving the recession.

I am...not thirsty for the blood of bankers who have pre-arranged compensation/ pension packages worked out in their contracts.

I am...mad at the people who let it get out of control. Not the bankers, they're bankers, there are people above bankers [shockingly]. They let it get like this. They encouraged it. They enjoyed the inflated economy and flourished within it. This is a New Labour recession/ depression.

I am...listening to the new Art Brut album. Rockier than I expected, Eddie Argos genius as usual.

I am...thinking about inventing a new dance craze the Golly-Woggle.

I am...being rushed out the door and will have to continue this later.


olufela said...

Not sure I agree with you about the bankers.. first I think when they came cap in hand asking for tax payers dollar, at the very least, the CEO should have to resign... maybe even the whole board for that matter!! Basically if their industry was not "too big to fail" the companies they worked for would have collapsed and wouldn't be there to honour any contracts anyway!! Now, since the only way the banks still exist is because they're being bankrolled by the exchequer, if they get any bonus or pension paid, it comes out of tax payers money!!! Instead of schools.. and hospitals...

Oh yea.. I'm diggin your idea for the Golly-Woggle!!

Marvin [The Martian] said...

So why didn't the government insert conditions into the bail-out that would have prevented Gordon Brown from this attempted populist move that's ended up making him look more powerless than he ever has? Because he's been working with the banks since 1997. This is his economy, they are his soldiers. He turns around and tells us what's really been going on and we learn exactly how big of a hole we're actually in. The economy of 2005 was a false one. Projections are based around us attaining a similar sterling. Impossible. His lords, his teams arranged the compensation and pensions packages. They're getting way too much but of course they are. That's how this government does. Middle management gets payed. Everybody else can go fuck themselves.

Schools and hospitals weren't getting any money from Brown anyway. Education standards [in London at least] are frightening at the moment. My daughter will be in secondary school in a few years. How the hell do I guarantee her a decent education? We can't blame the banks for the mess we're in with hospitals and schools. They were pre-existing problems. Worsening daily.

I need some white gloves and tap shoes for my new dance. That might still be too subtle though. I'll consult the Eastenders writing staff, see if we can really make black people look bad.

olufela said...

The financial meltdown was caused by the bankers. Yes there are things that government could have done too. You would think that any sensible person would have put conditions on the bail out money but then that would mean we got to assume that Gordon Brown and them lot are sensible!!

U ever heard of NINJA loans? it was an American thing where the banks gave mortgages to people with "No Income No Job or Assets" so they could parcel them up and sell them on as "derivatives" which was basically a way to sell the same mortgages more than once... too clever by half!! Then they awarded themselves bonuses based on short term profits. by the time the market crashed in America all sorts of banks all over the world found they were invested in these mortgages, many of which had become worthless. Think snowball effect from here on.. The government were asleep at the switch right, but them bankers weren't innocent bystanders!!

About your little girls education, I feel you 100% dawg!! My little girl's starting primary in September so I got my mind on them things... Won't be long before you're playing to sold out arenas then you can buy your daughter the best education out there!!