Thursday, 12 February 2009

Just ordered...

Lay back Maybach don't even talk to me.


olufela said...

if u're into comics and stuff u should look at Bashy's "Superheroes" in the Videos section of his website. he does it on Tinchy's Stryderman beat.. if u ain't already seen it it's worth a look.

Hunchbakk said...

i didn't know you liked to geek out too!?

been a Batman fan most of my life and i'm currently filling in the gaps from when i stopped reading comics about ten years ago

talkin superheroes, when's that superfriends EP gonna make an appearance, any news on where that release stands now?


Marvin [The Martian] said...

I don't count it as geeking when the thing kicks the shit.

Superfriends EP. Good point. I might throw that out in the next few weeks actually.