Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Devil In The Distance came out 1 year and 2 days ago...

Yup. I never actually popped champagne on my album. How crazy is that? We said we were gonna do it when we got the deal first deal with Universal, then the second deal with Universal, then when the album was done, then we the album dropped and we never got around to it. So we're planning to pop a bottle next week in honour of my debut album. My favourite album of all time. The Universal released rap album by me. The Champers is already on chill waiting for next week when we can actually toast what we achieved. Fuck thinking about what we could have achieved, the album is perfect as I see it and as I wanted it. The next one will be as perfect.

To mark the anniversary of it, a small thing in a lot of people's eyes but a big one in mine; the link on to the album on the right of this page will no longer take you to iTunes but instead it will go straight to Spotify where you can listen to the album for free. When Apple sign off on the Spotify app for the iPhone the software will be available for pretty much all next gen smart phones and Spotify will be the way that the large majority of us consume our music for better or for worse. Who am I to stand in it's way? I was in the Westfield HMV a couple of weeks back and started playing with their download machine thing, I actually stumbled across my album for sale in their system, it kinda shocked me like, why would anybody pay for an album like this? I was in HMV buying CDs, don't get me wrong, but honestly I still don't get why anybody has ever paid for an MP3. Neil Young said "When this digital age is over, people will ask 'I wonder what the music really sounded like?'" I'm paraphrasing but the point remains.

Rather than worry about all that bullshit though [I really can't be bothered any more. Take my music for free, then one day, when this thing makes sense again, I'll make money off it] I figured embrace the bullshit.


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