Monday, 6 July 2009

So...uhh...Michael Jackson died.

Due to my slack blogging I've failed to mention the passing of one; Michael Jackson and my thoughts on it/him.

Well, suffice to say I'm sad. Of course. It's hard to truly quantify my feelings on Mike's passing as he'd spent the last 15-20 years going out of his way to annoy me and ruin his legacy...I guess. Did he? I don't know. I have to say I'm confused, not sit down and really think about it confused but more I'm writing right now and have to commit something in written form confused. The radio stations and music television channels have played Michael Jackson non-stop since, which probably helped me formulate my grief. Some of the greatest songs of all time were recorded by Michael Jackson, the greatest dancer of my lifetime (and that's the only time I'll ever not feel fruity talking about a man's dancing skills) and one of the only absolute ever-presents of my life (wargwarn Pat Butcher?). Is grief the right word though? I didn't expect him to ever achieve 'Billy Jean' again, I never expected to meet him, I never expected to see him live. I was absolutely convinced he'd pull-out of his scheduled O2 residency at some point (sad to think but I'm sure most of us had that feeling). I'd say I'm sad for his family (because of course it's sad for any family to lose a member, especially one so young) but for 20 years the public at large have had such a strange relationship with The Jackson family. Jermaine seems sad and he seems genuine. I'm definitely sad for him. Mike leaves behind an extraordinary body of music and a whole lot of questions. He definitely leaves the planet worse off, as his talent and showmanship doesn't seem to exist in any performer in the world today. I feel like there's a part of my soul missing without Jackson, not necessarily an important part, but those songs, that image, that voice, those moves, they've been with me my whole life in some form or other. I don't feel like I've lost anybody close to me, but I feel I've lost a little bit of the innocence I've carried with me from childhood, somehow knowing Michael Jackson was alive, thrilling, exciting and changing the lives of generation after generation obviously meant something to me. I can imagine this being the same way the majority of fans felt when Elvis died. Although Elvis wasn't fortunate enough to spend 45 years at the top man-and-boy influencing the world and surviving the cultural and technological advances Michael did.

There will never be another Michael Jackson.

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Fela said...

this is a strange one, i agree. i think on a human level it would be abnormal not to feel sorrow that a person has died. it's also true that his last good album was HIStory in 1995. MTV might as well rename itself MJTV.. i find some of the media coverage of his death has been overdone and is frankly a bit morbid!

the family's grief seems genuine... except for his dad! he's come out and said some strange sh%t since losing his son including talking on camera about how lucrative the rights to the music catalogue will be 4 DAYS AFTER HE DIED! that's not grieving.. that was seeing dollar signs!!! i think its telling how he was left out of the will.

then there's those convinced he was a kiddy fiddler. i feel like i must point out that he was never convicted in a court of ANYTHING! also both times he was accused i think there was something dodgy going on. the first time he was supposed to have paid them off. as a father if someone actually messed with my kid, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WOULD KEEP ME QUIET!!! i'd turn down £1 billion and say see u in court!! how could i look my little girl in the eye ever again if i did anything else? as for the second lot, well apart from the fact he was found not guilty, that boys mum had a history of attempting to fleece celebrities of money. nuff said!

this is starting to go on a bit but i just wan2 end by sayin that despite the circus that was michael jackson he was TRULY a great entertainer. one of a kind! it was unfortunate the life he had to go with it.. i don't think he ever knew what normal actually meant. i do think however that the world was better for having him in it for 50 years.

my heart goes out to his mother as no parent should ever have to go through their child's funeral.