Monday, 1 February 2010

MP3: Marvin The Martian Feat. Jack Nimble / Sterling Crumble

With the UK economy finally clawing it's way out of recession I figured it would be a good time to unleash my ode to the financial mismanagement. We actually filmed a little hood video for this song, we delayed releasing it and ended up losing it to a dead hard drive hence its overall delay. It bangs so heavy though and the lyrics still resonate, especially considering the fact that most financial experts are predicting a double dip in the economy back into negative growth this Spring. Woo. They say the people don't feel the pinch until well after the "Recovery" we'll see.

This track features a guest vocal from Jacketh of Nimble. It's co-produced by Jack Nimble and Ben Official and is my official 'Get ready for the double dip' anthem. GET YOUR MONEY!

Marvin The Martian Feat. Jack Nimble/ Sterling Crumble [ZSHARE]


Fela said...

no help for the poor so why the f**k did u give my money to northern rock.. i'm feelin this.. but where's blaow blaow blood?

Marvin The Martian said...

Blaow Blaow is coming man. That's on the tape in its entirety. It's mixed so sweet right now you wouldn't believe it.