Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sorry, sorry...

Been MIA again. Busy as a busy prick. Who's not a prick but is still busy. Almost done with the tape. We really want to make it great. But also have enough ready for the follow-up tape so we're not left waiting like we are now.

I'm also looking for somebody to do me a little Mixtape cover? We usually do them in-house but the computer we had photoshop on has perished and it's all a bit too painful to think about. If any of you are geniuses and could do me a cover please email me whylout[at]

For now, check for ATD:21. One of my favourite Akira projects was his Valentines Day EP a few years ago. EPs are great. I'm listening to PUSH! Montana's Valentines Day EP 'The 5 Heart Beats' at the moment. It's free online. Google it. It's kinda saccharine but it's so polished and commercial, I kinda like it. Definitely does what it says on the tin.

I'm pretty much going to start the title of my mixtape with the letter A. Akira's smart like that, his mixtapes all come up first on iPods and MP3 players. I might call my mixtape "AAA- First on your iPod". Actually I might definitely call it that.

Aight peeps. I'll write again tomorrow. Or my name isn't Marvin Juggontanitis Thomas. Which it isn't.

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