Wednesday, 3 December 2008

They didn't have a warrant

Michael Martin says there was no warrant for the search of Damian Green's office at Westminster and actually he's a complete fuck-up that got completely fucked up by the useless fuck-ups in the Police. I've never made any secret at my lack of love for the Police. Fuck the Police. But this is absolutely disgusting. Watch Michael Martin's pathetic apology on

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olufela said...

Apparently the police were REQUIRED to inform the authorities at parliament that they could have insisted on a warrant and declined to do so.

This is why it makes me nervous whenever politicians make an argument based on "what the police want" (remember 90 days pre-charge detention). If the police get everything they want there'd be CCTV on every road corner and we'd ALL be on a DNA database with a mandatory GPS locator chip implanted at birth!!