Thursday, 8 January 2009


DJ Semtex went ahead and sex'd up his website for the new year. I think it was Wordpress before and he's gone down the self-hosting route. My site gets more traffic than my blog and my MySpace for some reason, I haven't posted anything there since the Bizzle tour I don't think. I'm waiting for the license to run out. I actually asked my label to turn it into a blog way before I set up my Blogspot. Ho hum. Semtex is pretty much the best British Hip-Hop blogger at the moment, you know he's getting everything early.

Also Semtex's boy Mr Hudson (who I've done a couple of shows with) has just announced a UK tour I'm going to have to pass through that Scala date.

1 comment:

Semtex said...

safe bro, just get a redirect on the URL of your site.

I should have self hosted a long time ago.