Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Nore more Lily Allen show

Lily Allen's truly awful TV show has finally been canceled. Straight after her first series somebody at BBC Three announced that it would be back with a second run. Nobody who saw the show could understand the logic of keeping her around. She even said herself recently that her show was shit. So after an acceptable period of reflection BBC Three have decided not to keep the show going. The reason I blog this story is this quote "We've got a gap because we're not doing another Lily Allen show," surely you can fill that with yesterday's Family Guy? Or back to back 2 Pints? Or some of the worst shows every televised such as 'Me and My Man Boobs' or 'The Wrong Door' or 'Clone' or 'Gavin and Stacey' or 'Trexx and Flipside' or 'Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor'. No offense BBC Three but your whole schedule is one big "Gap". 'How Not To Live Your Life' is cool though.

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