Monday, 12 January 2009

VIDEO: Jadakiss Feat. Faith Evans- Letter To BIG

I just saw this on RWD. Nobody else is running it? We were talking the other night about how the majority of D-Block/ Jadakiss fans these days probably don't even know about his affiliation to Big or know anything about Big period. That made us genuinely sad. I mean, we took a breath. Poor kids. I remember arguing with one of the youngers on the roads a couple of years back about who's the hot rappers, he said J-Hood and Gravy. I said "What about Jay-Z and Bun-B?" he said "Nah fam. That's olden times rap". To be fair though I put him on to Lil Wayne and a couple of others and when I last spoke to him he had no love for J-Hood or Gravy.

I'm posting this for Pixel who said he was feeling it a lot. I think the film looks okay too. Fuck it I said it. I know most people who have seen it say it's good but Americans generally call films way too early. I am willing to give it a go...until I see a scene that makes me want to kill myself. Then I will dismiss it without a moment's hesitation...fingers crossed.

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