Monday, 11 May 2009

Just ordered: Batman Gothic

I've spent the last couple of months trying to get that Batman feeling from other sources. I actually got 6 or 7 pages into Watchmen and stopped reading. It just didn't start at a pace I thought was acceptable. I've slowed down on 'The Preacher' because I don't want to blow my load, I'm up to Part 3 and I bought Part 4 already, no need to rush. I've gone through Button Man, Blade, The Preacher, Ghost Rider, The Watchmen and Ironman since my last Batman novel. While I enjoyed all of them a lot [Ironman less so, time travel?], I've been chasing a buzz you can only really get from a great Batman, so I went with what I know, Grant Morrison. I'm kinda excited I have to say.

I really want some great X-Men novels. I've got 'God Loves Man Kills' and 'Fatal Attraction' in novel form but everything else looks either slim or wack-a-day. Somebody suggest something please.

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Hunchbakk said...

stick with grant morrison and batman!

batman and son is around 5 or 6 quid on amazon and is a front runner for how he's fucking with everything in the batman universe

or for a real pleaser give volumes 1 and 2 of batman:hush, just steer clear of hush returns