Tuesday, 26 May 2009

So Liverpool lost the Youth Cup Final First Leg

My first football match ended in a humiliating defeat on Friday. Arsenal's kids were something else it has to be said, as a laymen I can tell you I saw some extraordinary talent on show. We lost 4-1 in the end but it could have been more, I spent the first half actually willing the ball to a kid named Jay Emanuel-Thomas' feet, he was incredible. Despite being with only one other Liverpool fan, one Chelsea fan and two Arsenal fans, we decided to sit stand in the Liverpool section, which at least gave the game a little bit of spice. It also taught me a whole new repertoire of songs I never knew existed. I now also know the Arsenal responses to them. To be fair the fan banter got a bit heated at times when a couple of cocky Arsenal fans started singing "Sign on" lyrics to the words of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Something I didn't personally agree with. The other half of the football crew were with child so couldn't really sit in the slightly hostile setting of the Liverpool away section, by all accounts they went to a different game. We ran into Paul Ince before kick-off (I think his son was playing?) and Spoony joined our stand in the second half to a chorus of "SPOONY! SPOONY!" I think the second leg of the final is tonight in Liverpool and barring some kind of Arsenal collapse I can't see my boys winning it. I will definitely go to another football match though, the stadium alone was worth the visit. Word to the Transport Police who wanted beef in Stockwell on the way home. Cock.

UPDATE: Just found out the second leg is on Setanta Sports. Gonna have to hit Jack's to watch that.

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