Monday, 18 May 2009

Please do not "Rise" again

Boris Johnson canceled 'Rise Festival' this year. The "Anti-Racism" music festival...however the hell that works? Was set to cost Londoners over £500k and being that we're in a recession and the whole thing is stupid as shit anyway, the mayor got rid of it. The London Assembly says they'll be redirecting the funds to music programs across the capital. While many would have you believe that the "Anti-Racism" festival was worthwhile in some capacity I can assure you it was not. How could it be? Black Eyed Peas play in a park and a skinhead sees the light? No. Shut up. Who cares? The Politics Show did a section on the cancellation on Sunday which was pretty awesome. The guy from the London Assembly would only refer to the BNP as "The Nazis" which was strange. Is that defamatory? Nick Griffin seems like the guy to phone a racist lawyer and get that looked into. Speaking of Nick Griffin, did anybody catch the BNP Party Political Broadcast the other night? It was awesome. It was made for 40p on Adobe Premier [default text settings, I see you BNP] and featured one member boasting about his new CCTV cameras, before Nick Griffin promises not to put computer chips in your dustbins. [Watch the video on Youtube below, it won't make you a racist I promise]*

* How evil does that woman look by the way? Debra Kent you evil looking woman! Nick Griffin looks pathetic, like a bottom feeding chancer and Mike Coleman looks like a cock but Debra Kent looks genuinely evil. A fatter, more racist Rene Zelwegger. There's no festival gonna stop her. Maybe some sort of Nazi Cannes.

UPDATE: Charlie Brooker saw the BNP PPB


Anonymous said...

like the way he starts by saying "don't turn it off" and finished by saying he's not a politician. Hmmm... that's some interesting rhetoric...

Tego said...

I can't imagine many turned it off. Absolutely compulsive viewing.