Monday, 1 June 2009

Friday night...

So before I start I should say this, we had Pixel's super-flashy, expensive camera on Friday night, I took some shots, then Ben took some shots, then Tiago took some shots. Then of course Pixel left the last of the true ravers and while he has the camera I now realise that I have his camera charger. If he wants it back he knows what he has to do. These two [yeah I only have two] photos are taken on my phone and thus don't do much justice to my awesome photography skills.

So Friday was Marvin's first gig of 2009. It was Pixel's first gig in over 18 months. Which is crazy. Rather than ease themselves into it though, they decided to do a whole set of previously unheard numbers, not-a-one song in the set had ever been performed before. One of which [the finale and most awesome song by most accounts] has never been heard outside of the studio barring a couple of car journeys with man-dem. Shaking off a touch of rust Marvin and Pixel performed these songs in order...
1) Come On [Pixel]
2) Red Rum [Marvin]
3) The Forecast [Pixel]
4) Blaow Blaow [Marvin]
5) Bug Out [Pixel]
6) Sterling Crumble [Marvin]
7) Tin Can [Marvin]
8) Falling Down [Marvin & Pixel]
All of which [apart from 'Falling Down'] will feature on Marvin and Pixel's new mixtape coming early July to Devil In The Distance. What's 'Falling Down' for I hear you ask? *Taps nose*
After Marvin and Pixel's set, me and Ben Official hit the decks to pump out some classic hits, you may have heard the likes of 'Gamble On Me' by Cory Gunz and T-Pain, 'On The Rock' by Mavado and Jay-Z, 'Ghost Ride It' by Mister Fab, 'Tell Me When To Go' by E40 and Keak Da Sneak and a whole lot more. We then transitioned into Akira's set, which was the best I've seen him perform, without a doubt. His band was on some shit, brass section? Are you crazy! Genius. Morty was on point, so was Joey, shit was crazy. As the performance went on, the gangingest crew you ever did meet started to down ciders and unknown spirits [pictured above] and the night got fairly crunk. Video footage of what followed will be available soon. Suffice to say that Crusty Sleeve invented the Willy and used it to give Luke all the AIDS. At which point Luke proclaims to have borrowed the Willy and used it to transfer the AIDS on to Tiago, a motion that was then rejected. The video will of course decide.

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ian_byford_art said...

i have put some photo from friday night in a wed album if you want to use some go right ahead