Wednesday, 10 June 2009

God damn you Bob Crow!

I left work early yesterday so that I could visit the gym and still have time to beat the tube strike. I left the gym with an hour to spare and was greeted by this site. Tube staff turning people away from the barriers because of "Overcrowding" which I have to say did not seem too evident. When asked "Is it worth us standing here?" We were told "Probably not. Strike starts in 45 minutes dunnit?" Fucked off as I was, I walked a mile towards London Bridge carrying a heavy gym bag and a backpack with my laptop in it [I had to take my laptop home because I wouldn't be in work for two days, due to the strike]. I then got on two busses and found my way home, an hour and 20 minutes later than I would have normally. I'm not really complaining about the journey, the strike or Bob Crow's reasoning. The Tube goes on strike all the time and let's face it, Bob Crow needed the publicity with his No2EU: Yes To Democracy Party running for a European seat last week. I'm just pissed off by the fact that I wake up this morning to radio reporting that "Most Tube lines are running as normal?" The fuck is that? This isn't a strike! This is some bullshit. Fuck going into the office today though. Tomorrow too. That's £7.60 of Oyster Card travel Bob Crow won't be getting out of me.

On the plus-side though, I had the world's greatest lunch yesterday, that right there is a Jacket Potato with Vegetarian Chilli, Sour Cream and Cheese with a delicious Lemon Ice Tea. God damn that's some good shit. I got it from B.L.T on Great Eastern Street and it was fucking expensive [£4.60 without the drink. Rich people are probably laughing at my "Expensive" claim right now]. Also I got a serious amount of Cardio work done in the gym. 70 minutes uninterrupted. I'm getting stronger. Be scared.

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