Monday, 1 June 2009

Sunday afternoon...

So the sun was out, I was restless after the F.A Cup Final [which was 50% darkness due to somebody forgetting how to design a proper football stadium] and I wanted to get some exercise. What better to do than drive 3 hours out of London to the greatest beach on these here British shores? Nothing. I went out to a secret location in Norfolk I discovered with my family some 5 or 6 years back and it was exactly as amazing as I remembered it.

The sun wasn't fucking around and the water was crisssssssp.
Ben was feeling it.

After stopping for a while, enjoying a cloudy lemonade and a tasty sammich I hit the sea for a spot of swimming. God damn. Shit was cold but oh so refreshing. While in the sea, I noticed a huge black dog wash past me on a wave. It made a noise something between moaning and gasping for air. I waited for the wave to subside before reaching around to find the dog. I couldn't. Slightly concerned I decided that what I'd actually seen was a man, his shoulder, his shorts, something, stride past me. But how could I? There was practically nobody on the beach with us. The swimmer's head never emerged. I'd all but forgotten about it by the time I exited the sea, found a seat on the beach and watched the waves. At which point I noticed another dog swimming, it disappeared "Wow that dog's dead!" I declared. Moments later it's head popped up 20 foot deeper facing the other direction "That's a motherfucking Seal!" I shouted. Desperate for photographic evidence to show you swine, I raced to the front of the tide to take a picture, the Seal reappeared twice and the second time popped up with a friend. Which was fairly awesome. My stupid camera phone didn't do a very good job of picking them out and I can't even find the shot that was taken at the time of the Seal affair. Who says you can't holiday in-land? Idiots that's who!

This was a fairly awesome sand car somebody made on the beach next to ours. No story, just thought it looked great.

Now it is hot and musty in London Town and I need lunch. I'm going back to my secret beach this month for a few days. I have to.

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