Thursday, 4 June 2009

Is it true, that if I don't use it, I lose it?

Democracy people. It's a sexy behemoth. A horny puddle. A warm massage. You may or may not remember 13 months ago, I exercised my right to vote in the pouring rain. Well today it was blazing sunshine, sunglasses and shorts as I placed a large cross in a column that didn't read Labour or BNP [new acronym; Blacks Never Parlay?]. How humiliated will Gordon Brown-Face be in the morning? I await with baited breath. Genuinely I do, the idea of another term in government for that party actually suffocates me. I can't take it. Democracy is a pregnant dwarf and sometimes you just want to kick it in the stomach. You've been pregnant for 12 years and you gave birth to this? You stupid dwarf prick! Hopefully a third or fourth place finish in today's European election will bring forward a general election. Then Vince Cable can tell me how to vote. You can do it Vince!


Benofficial said...

That was by far the best description of modern day western Democracy i have heard since Dave GOnzo said "Bollocks to your democracy, get me some rock and foil WE GON' GET KRUNK!"
Bravo Mr MArvin, Bravo

Tego said...

Son-of-a...I wrote that. It clearly says "Posted by Tego" at the bottom you stupid twat. Marvin doesn't vote for some strange reason, I remember he used to have reasons but I forget what they were now. They were probably corny.