Monday, 12 October 2009

Gotta Believe It

Drunk as a prick I was skipping through late night TV on Saturday when I came across 106 & Park on BET. I sometimes watch 106 & Park because it's hilarious, but low and behold Saigon and Just Blaze's 'Gotta Believe It' is being played. What? Saigon on 106 & Park? For 'Gotta Believe It' which is over a year old? I can dig it. Reminded me of my version which I didn't have to hand when I started typing this until I thought that I should probably check my sent items on Hotmail to see if it was there. It was. YEY.

Marvin/ Believe It [zSHARE]

Everything I say on this record is true. I really did have a cancer scare and it really did mess with me for a few days.

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