Monday, 12 October 2009

VIDEO: Tinie Tempah signs record deal

I didn't do any of this when I signed my deal. You all know how long the process was for me, wasted a lot, A LOT of time dealing with the actual contract. Should have put out a single and a mixtape in that time but I was stuck. Ho hum. By the time the contract was actually finished I got a call from my lawyer saying it was done. I asked him if we had the time to sign it there and then and get it back to Universal before the end of the day, he said we could, I jumped in the whip, drove to the lawyer's office and got it done. Kind of an anti-climax to be honest. I think if the process was at all smooth I'd have been happier but I just went home. Never actually popped a bottle on it at all. Took a MINUTE for the advance to finally clear and a HOT MINUTE for my studio budget to clear. Fucking labels. They both cleared eventually though, so Universal will always be cool to me. That was my second record deal. My first [which was a development deal- also through Universal] was even less sensational. Tego brought the contract to my house one night, we took a picture of me signing it but my phone was extra crappy at the time, I doubt that picture still exists.

Anyway, congratulations Tinie Tempah, I have little doubt that he'll be going the Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder route and more power to him, his single with Davinche 'Tears' was serious.

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