Thursday, 22 October 2009

I won't read the BNP member list...

Thanks to whoever sent it to me, I appreciate the gesture, I understand and share your feelings on the BNP. But I still believe in privacy and I still believe in democracy. Nick Griffin is on Question Time tonight, it's going to explosive but I urge the emotionally charged anti-BNP movement to allow democracy to play itself out. I've seen every corner of this country personally and know the power of the British people. We are not a racist, fascist, intolerant people, we are a patient, understanding and respectable people. There are those who identify with certain aspects of a dangerous (but legitimate) political party and are expressing their support in the ballot box, that's democracy, we have no right to protest that. Any acts outside of that process are fair game, but the right for any person in this country to join any political party in this country without fear of prosecution must be protected. The BNP can be beaten legitimately, this will not be the way, their policies don't stand up to scrutiny in any respect, but we're not allowing them the time to prove that to us and until we do they're going to keep growing.

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