Monday, 12 October 2009

Shout outs to Boyzone

On tour we'd use the breakdown on 'Boyspot' to sing a random Boyzone song; usually 'Don't Love Me For Fun' since we reference them on the chorus. Rest in peace Stephen Gately, I can't say how much input he had into said classic number [I don't care to research it either] but this is in memory of him.

Marvin/ Boyspot [Spotify link]

BONUS: A performance of 'Boyspot' in Hartlepool with Example. Bad example for the most part because Tego was filling in as DJ so wasn't acting as hype man, therefore the 'Don't Love Me For Fun' was never started. Probably the only time we didn't do it though.


Fela said...
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Fela said...

u kno wot? i AM a nigerian jackie chan with a mic in my hand, i'm the man GODDAMN.. LOL

like boyspot from time dawg!! good 2 see u blogging again!!

where's "blaow blaow"?? been waiting 4 ages since the gta chinatown vid!!