Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Good to be back

I appreciate all the comments, messages and emails you've been sending me. I also appreciate those who have posted the song, especially Akira who has a mixtape/T-Shirt coming out in 2 days. I now have to decide what song to give away next...I've got some "Songs" but I also have a thing I produced pretty much. That will be on the mixtape definitely. I wouldn't say I produced it but Jack says I did and I guess I did. It's my first original production. I did all the production and arrangements on 'Beware of the Voices' on my last tape which is where I got the bug for controlling the record front-to-back but that was Ice Cube's beat originally, he got jacked. How do you like that Cube? You got Cube'd!

Anyway, I doubt that's the song I'm going to be giving you next week. I've got a load of options. I should probably ask you guys but I don't want to spoil anything. It's going to be a banger though. Something with a more traditional arrangement than 'Loose Change' which was amount of bars formed into one huge long verse while Jack brought in crazy synths, guitars, drums and what-not, building into a crescendo, an explosion, a cliff...which of course manifested itself in the word "Bitch". That's my style. Writers love to take their words and throw them off a cliff like that. Into the lake, after hitting a few rocks on the way down. "Bitch".

So it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm, years old. I'll tell you next year. To celebrate I am going to take Thursday off and spend time with my family. Woo. Then on Friday I'm going to see Avatar with Jack. I hear it's great. I'm not so into lanky blue guys talking for 3 hours but I can't ignore everybody who comes up to me and slaps me for not having seen it any longer. If I hate it I'm never trusting people ever again. I'm going to make an album about how Avatar made me stop trusting. Then I'm going to kick James Cameron in the nuts for stealing another 3 hours of my life. I'm, years old now. I can't waste that shit. Then on Saturday I'm going to get drunk with my niggas. I don't know where yet. But drunk is the important thing. Then on Sunday I'm doing straight, non-stop, unadulterated recording. Oh yeah. I've got many songs ready to go, Jack had to pick up some new studio elements this week and we're going to bang out some hits.

That's about it. I was given Hadouken's new album on Sunday, I haven't given it a proper listen but James is my boy from Leeds '06. God damn '06. That's 4 years ago now. Crazy.

Example is number 6 in the charts everybody. Number flipping 6. He'll be number 1 in the summer. He works so hard. We're all so proud of him. It's only when you look at the chart and see who he's ahead of that you realise just what an incredible job he's done. Keep going Ell.

Okay. That's me for now. I've run out of things to say. BE GONE!

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Will said...

good to have blogs from you again, was a silent rss feed for time.