Friday, 22 January 2010

Like I said

Blog claart!

I've neglected you. So sporadic, so busy, so exceptional.

I want to blog like I used to blog because a) it meant I kept up with all the B-S in the world and b) it was good for the Google Ads. But alas I am too busy and I just don't feel like it. I've noticed a lot of people have sacrificed that blogging boom of 2008 for pretty empty webspace. I'm not going to do that completely. I'm going to do some proper blogging over the next few months. What's going on Marvin? You okay? How's things? Excellent? Excellent I hope? Yes. Things are excellent. Thanks for asking. You're a scholar and a gentleman.

I wish I had some crazy depression story to tell, or an IV drip coming out of my thumb to explain my disappearance but I really don't. I've been in the studio, writing and recording, waiting for a reason to hurt feelings with my amazing rap skills again but nothing really came up. A whole gang of schoopidness. British rap is successful for the first time ever but it has come at a cost. Clearly. That new Tinie Tempah record goes extra hardness though. Everybody go and buy that when it comes out, I don't know when it does but I will find out because joints is bangin.

Instead of waiting for the climate I've decided I'll set the climate. Like fuel emissions, or government agenda, whatever. I'm going to drop 100+ songs in 2010 starting with a new mixtape which I'll be giving you in the next 31 days. I wanted it for the start of Jan, then the end of Jan, now I want it when it's ready. I'm sick of people asking me for a new mixtape for the whip, for school, for the ipod, for the journey to work, for the crew, for the block, for the blogs. So I'm just gonna fucking give you all one. Not just one, the best one yet. I've been listening to my last two recently and think they're pretty good, I know where I need to fine tune though.

After my first mixtape I'll have another pretty quickly following. Then another, then who knows? You will decide. I can't be fucked playing chess with these duck, duck, goose playing pricks. Waste of my fucking time. I know you feel me. Which one of those tramps comes near me? Not a one. Seriously. So I'm just gonna hurt the skreets with new shit.

That's my word for today. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on what I've been listening to/watching/eating or whatever.


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