Tuesday, 26 January 2010

MP3: Marvin The Martian/ Loose Change

I said I was giving away a song today and here it is. I'm giving you another next Monday and then the mixtape. Spread it around, tell your mother and her mother that I went in, then Bluetooth her the joint on the bus. I'm going in and I'm staying in.

Marvin The Martian/ Loose Change [ZSHARE]


jen said...

Glad you're back, dude. (And happy fucking birthday!)

Gonna be a good year all around... I can feel it.

Give a holler next time you're out in the West Country.

joey2tits said...

this is BIG.

Marvin [The Martian] said...

Appreciate it. A lot.

Tits, we need to make a hits. A Tits Hits!!

Fela said...

Big choon fam!! is that Jack's beat? that's tight and all bruv!!!