Thursday, 28 January 2010

Why does racism intrigue me so?

This story about a white guy from Brixton who was racist and tried to kill a black man in Mitcham is pretty scary. Mainly because the black guy could very easily have been me, very easily. Racism intrigues me so much, I don't know why! Racism from anybody, I like it. The humourous elements, the dangerous elements, the evil elements, I want to understand it all.

To be a racist with an intent to kill in Brixton? That's crazy. Not because you wouldn't expect it to happen here, but because it could so easily happen here. When you think about the route causes of racism in our society, they're as easy to see in Brixton as anywhere else in the world. If people find themselves facing enough instability and have access to weaponry like Jamie Bunter did (20 years old for fuck sake) you have a very unstable and unpredictable environment on your hands. Brixton is unstable and unpredictable at the best of times. I feel like a voyeur saying it, but Columbine style rampages are not too far in the future if this kind of behaviour is in any way consistent.

I think the escalating gun culture and the increasing levels of frustration and miscommunication between the communities in this country could lead to some fairly dark times.

EDIT: Reading this back it kinda seems like I'm blowing this out of proportion and trying to scare people. I'm not. Racism is just one potential catalyst in my opinion for something as horrific as a shooting spree. When writing this I was taken down a very visual path, one which ended in a very dark place, but I feel like my point is apt. It's very easy to feel trapped in London and it's very easy for your frustrations and your fears to become hate, at that point anything can happen. With gun culture in Britain becoming more and more the norm the fusion of those things, unfortunately, I think is inevitable. Maybe not on that scale, but the potential is very real.

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