Tuesday, 8 April 2008

And This Is For

I've only ever really listened to one Murs album but I have to say it's pretty incredible. It's weird because I wouldn't call myself a "9th Wonder fan" but I love '3:16', I love the last Masta Ace album and despite the R. Kelly sample; seriously love 'Threat' from 'Black Album'. Maybe I am a 9th Wonder fan. Anyway, Murs and 9th collaborated again on an album 'Murray's Revenge' which I haven't heard. The reason for this post was to draw attention to the video of course, which is a pretty solid live rap performance (we take our wins where we can) but also to draw reference to this song, which is the best song on that said '3:16' album check the lyrics, I swear the first few times I heard the song I was angry at Murs, I didn't get it, the more I listened though the more the third verse meant. I've known so many rappers who cared so much about who was listening to their music, I never have, I've always felt blessed that somebody should know one of my songs or buy my single or whatever. I totally relate to this record though.

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