Monday, 7 April 2008

Marvin Luther the Superhero

My new single is out today. 'Superhero' is downloadable in its many forms all in one neat little bundle £2 on iTunes! That's 'Superhero', 'Wait' (B-Side), 'Superhero Nimble Mix', 'Superhero Indie Synth Mix', 'Superhero Why Lout? Mix' and 'Superhero Dub Mix' all for just £2!! But don't take my word for it, listen to the good people at Room Thirteen who definitely seem to think it's worth a punt. UPDATE: I actually can't find it on iTunes this morning. They always put my stuff up late. It's on 7Digital already though, but it's £3.99 *

But Marvin, how does that make you "Marvin Luther"? Well it doesn't, in fact many people would consider the title of this post sacrilege. Me, not so much. A few weeks back I did an interview with 1Xtra about Martin Luther's big speech talking from a rapper's perspective about how he put his words together, his flow, his timing etc. well that documentary aired yesterday and you can listen back to it on that genius BBC replay thing HERE.

I am recording a top secret project this week, which will mean I can blog a little bit. So I will.

Go buy 'Superhero'

UPDATE 2: Direct link to 'Superhero' on iTunes

UPDATE 3: The package will be £1.99 on iTunes in the morning.

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