Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Music Liberation Podcast- Fresh Kick Feeling Leak

I sent my boy Sid an exclusive MP3 from my forthcoming free download mixtape for him to drop in his April Podcast over at The song is called 'Fresh Kick Feeling' and it's a collaboration with my favourite rapper Pixel. It's an original production by Jack Nimble of course. We talked about developing it for the album in the summer but it never quite got out of the traps like that. I'm going to put it up as an MP3 next week but for now you're going to have check out MusicLiberation's April Podcast for the exclusive.

Direct Download link

Pixel is currently working on two mixtapes that will hopefully drop concurrently (at the same time) this summer, one is hosted and produced by Akira The Don, the other is hosted and produced by Jack Nimble. You can hear an exclusive from the Akira The Don tape on his latest podcast. I've heard a few tracks from these mixtapes already and they sound incredible. Just wait for 'Hood Lovely'. Just wait.


Tego said...

Big choon.

Sid said...

Cheers for the link dude!