Thursday, 24 April 2008

Never Trust Robots

I once did a series of reviews for Playlouder with Jack and discovered this record. Later that day we went to Akira The Don's to record something or other. I totally forget what it was. Actually I think it was a rehearsal, the day that Akira's Hip-Hop Connection cover-disc came out. We had to do interviews and stuff for STV4...I think that was the same day. I'm pretty sure we did the 'Back In The Day Remix' that day because I seem to remember Jack asking everybody in the TV crew to shout "SCRAMBLES" for one of his adlibs. I might by confusing two days but I don't think I am. Either way that is neither here nor there. After doing the reviews with Jeres at Playlouder we were allowed to keep all the C.Ds we reviewed. We took 'Never Trust Robots (We're In Business)' to Akira's, let him hear it and left the C.D in his studio. I never heard it again, until today, when I randomly thought about how great a record it was. Youtube comes to my aid and HURRAH it has a video. That Radar song '5th Columnist' was great too. I need to find that.

UPDATE: Found it. Radar - 5th Columnist

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