Monday, 7 July 2008

Akira The Don Feat. Marvin- Thieving (Jack Nimble Remix)

This was meant to be on 'The Blogspot Mixtape' but we actually couldn't find it in time. I remember it debuted on one of Akira's Doncasts a few months back. Literally we were in the studio recording for one reason or another the day we heard this song, Tego brought his laptop in, he doesn't usually do that, and said "Listen to this" in Why Lout? we're all big fans of Akira when he goes all the way in on that rap shit, when he locks into the concept and rides with it. 'Thieving' is one of my favourite Akira songs, Jack had worked out the beat a few weeks before I went in and did my verse but I had the original on my phone so I pretty much knew what I wanted to say. I really, really like this remix.

Akira The Don Feat. Marvin (Jack Nimble Remix) [zShare]

BUY: Akira The Don's mixtape-album 'Thieving'

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