Sunday, 27 July 2008

TheBeatSurrender review That One TIme reviewed 'That One Time'. Check it out...

Marvin - That One Time

Everyones favourite Martian is obviously going to be ET so Marvin wasn’t on to a winner when he went as Marvin The Martian previously. It seems though he’s realised the competition was too and has now dropped his name down to simply Marvin.

While the nasme may have changed the style and substance of his music hasn’t, he’s still mixing elements of hip-hop, grime, dance and pop with some brilliantly autobiographical lyrics, this time on That One Time it’s taking you back to his school days.

While I do like this track, the highlights for me are hearing the two mixes of the single, particularly Aidan Lavelle’s Mix which really strips away leaving only a small fraction of his vocals.

The album Devil In The Distance is out next week and a review will feature on this very website!


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