Monday, 28 July 2008

Devil In The Distance Out TODAY!!

It's here. My debut album is here. It's only £7.90 this week on iTunes and it's great. You need it in your life.



1. Goodbye
2. Trocadero
3. Firstborn
4. Get By (Be Good)
5. That One Time
6. Richard's Nan
7. Fight or Flee
8. Devil In The Distance
9. Superhero
10. Carry Me

Check some reviews... Here.

But you're going to need to BUY FROM RIGHT HERE!!!


George said...

Will there be a CD release??

Marvin The Human said...

Not for the time being. We're going to get the masters and release it ourselves but that could take a couple of months.

George Manson said...

Might have to buy mp3 and CD then! Will be nice to have a physical release - never got the singles on CD (couldn't even catch one at your Tunbridge Wells show)

Marvin The Human said...

Ha! I should have brought more. Too many people were asking for them backstage that day.

My next album (January '09) will definitely be physical. Definitely.