Thursday, 1 May 2008

Now that's weather you can vote to

I just voted. Did you? They say the weather can be a leading contributor to election outcomes. They say Labour voters don't like the rain or something. Who did Tego vote for you ask? I voted for The Monster Raving Looney Party of course...they should so have run. Marvin didn't vote. Not because he's sick and can't leave his bed. No. Because he has this weird thing about party politics and how he won't contribute to the bullshit. Pah. I'm sure he'll fill you in when he's feeling a bit better.

UPDATE: I just got a phone call that went thusly...

Tego: Hello
Person: Hello is this the Saopong residence?
Tego: No. They used to have this number but they don't any more.
Person: Oh. Okay. Can I ask your name?
Tego: Why yes. Tego.
Person: Hello Tego. I'm phoning on behalf of Ken Livingston.
Tego: Wow.
Person: Are you planning to vote today?
Tego: I have voted already.
Person: Oh excellent. Can I ask did you vote for Ken?
Tego: Oh you can ask but no I didn't.
Person: Oh okay. Thanks for your time.
Tego: You're welcome. Thanks for your call.
Person: *Hangs up*

Good lord. Ken's phoning people? That's desperate.

Actually I should add here that the other day I saw Ken in Brixton and called him a dick head. He didn't flinch. Proof that he's a dick head.

For the best word on today's election thus far check out Jack Nimble's post on his new blog

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