Friday, 24 October 2008

BET Cypher

Ace Hood does well, Juelz does okay, Fabolous is pretty good but Jada goes in. Should we be excited for this Jadakiss album? I learned a long time ago not to waste my time being excited for Jadakiss albums but who knows? He's been talking about "I need a down south track and a west coast track" which is a horrible way of approaching an album so I'm going to go out on a limb early by saying the album will suck.

It's such a shame by the way that a performance like Ace Hood's there, a few years ago would have resulted in quite a few people going out to buy his record, that's how it used to work, now we download. I was talking about this concept the other day, the thrill of purchasing records on merit and not knowing whether it was garbage or not (I bought some garbage albums in my time). A great guest feature, a great video, a great TV spot, a great interview, a great Source cover, what now?

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