Wednesday, 8 October 2008

MPs attempt to force smacking ban

The best example I could possibly give for this government's time in charge of Britain would be this news story on today MPs attempt to force smacking ban. I don't need to type on this blog that children need protection, I also don't need to write that smacking a child and "leaving a mark" (whatever that means?) is pretty unnecessary at any time. But the idea that these useless civil servants who have nannies looking after their children can tell me whether or not my child deserves a clip around the ear for misbehaving is absurd. It's criminally absurd. I can imagine it being one of the policies in a totalitarian state "If you can not adjust your child without the use of your hands. The state will adjust them for you". State raised children! Yey! As the youth of Britain continue to lose touch with authority and fill the void with their own set ethics and views on justice the big plan is to remove the parent as a force in any real sense between the crucial ages of 3 and 14. I like it. Can we just get this bill passed already? I really want a kebab but I'm thinking about waiting 15 years and buying it from Peckham. Something tells me it may be a tad rough up there in 2023.

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