Friday, 10 October 2008

Uncle Murda & Jay-Z

So Just Blaze has already explained what the deal is with this record, It was recorded in the Blueprint 2 era and should never have leaked. You'll notice the Fat Joe disses in his verse, not a lot of people know that Jay went at Joe with the subliminals for years "Everybody's looping up soul, it's like they're trying to make the Blueprint 2 before Hov", I remember Why Lout? sitting down and listening to 'Jelous Ones Still Envy' the day it dropped and going "The fuck is this? He thinks he's Jay!?" You may also remember "The pressure's on but guess who aint gonna CRACK? Pardon me I had to laugh at that" straight, sideways, corner mouth sublime. Jay was the best with the sublimes, it's why you can't be beefing with him.

Anyway, back to the song. I don't care that it's an old Jay verse with an old Just beat. I just care that I'm hearing Murda and Jay on a track together. Internets get on your job, you know we need this collaboration, we actually need Jay-Z Feat. Uncle Murda & Jadakiss on that 'Blueprint 3' but that may be asking a lot. We all need to post this song and say "God damn Murda went in. Him and Jay need a record together" then we may get one. What was it Joe Budden said during his beef with Ransom? "Internet sooollldddiiieeerrrsss"

Uncle Murda Feat. Jay-Z [From 6 or so years back]- Untitled (zShare)

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