Friday, 3 October 2008

Plan-B Tonight

I'm performing this evening at Plan-B. DJ Yoda is headlining. I'm not sure of any other details, I heard ticket pre-sales were pretty nice so it should be a good night. I'm doing a strictly party set, strictly for the party, this set will include exclusive new mixtape cuts.

The image I have chosen for this blog post is a sign the council put up over the bridge off Atlantic Road a few years ago. It really bugs me because it's meant to say B Our Guest, with the B standing for Brixton, and from the angle the photo is taken from you can kind of see that. But walking towards it, it doesn't say "B Our Guest" it says "Bourguest" which reads like some fancy French word. It's also frustrating because there should really be an "E" next to that "B". I think they ran out of space or miscalculated or something.

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