Monday, 20 October 2008

Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape- Tracklisting

1. CCTV Watches Me (Intro)
2. Line For The Toilet
3. Soul Seeka Feat. Pixel
4. Everything
5. My Phone (Take That Back)
6. Beware of the Voices
7. Carried Away (Accapella)
8. You Don't Even Know
9. The F Word
10. Misunderstood (One)
11. How Couldn't I?
12. Noise
13. You So Tough
14. Yesterday Feat. Jack Nimble & Pixel
15. London City (Beautiful)
16. Hero
17. Droven
18. Invasion
I just left the studio with a piece of paper. It has a list of songs. Jack's still there. He's exporting. Do you know what exporting means? It means the tape is done. Mixtape of the year. I'm sorry it took until October for the mixtape of the year to come out. I couldn't help it. This thing right here? This thing right here? Wednesday.

More details tomorrow.

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