Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape- Details

I promised more details today. Let's see...what can I tell you? Well, I can tell you that there is a production debut on the tape from Ben Official. He's featured in a few of our videos and drives us places sometimes. The tape is built around actual songs, rather than freestyles [which is what the last tape was built around]. I went out of my way to find instrumentals that actually represent something within me. Two of the songs are long verses, they're possibly my two favourites. I don't actually know how many bars long they are. I was going to find out but I realised that's what rappers do and I'm not like the others. It's a song...with no chorus...or bridge. I invented a word on one song...what else is there? Okay, one more thing, I actually borrowed hooks on two songs. Oh yeah one other thing. I cut a song. We cut a song. I'll let that out in a couple of weeks maybe.

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