Thursday, 16 October 2008

Last Night

It was Marv's world, party time ecstasy. After ranting about the MOBO Awards for a solid 30 minutes after soundcheck, I read that Westwood got booed when he went to pick up his award. I could break down why he got booed, by the dumbest fucks on the planet who hold back "Black music" (whatever that is) in the UK but to be honest, I can't be fucked. The MOBO Awards doesn't have 2 years left so we should just wait it out. Booing Dizzee Rascal because he's out of the country? We want him to be out of the country. Taking it to the world. Fucking idiots.

Anyway. I performed a number of new mixtape tracks, they went down nicely, I learned a lot about the material. It helped that people were in party spirits of course. Shout out to my boy Iain Lee who was meant to introduce me but some wires got crossed and I went up with no celebrity endorsement. We'd worked out a really good intro involving Jelly Fish and me being the best thing in the world too. Shame. The Big Dog arrived during my set to get his Serato ready, Westwood is the shit, he tore down, he played big tracks for an audience that doesn't know about the majority of the big tracks, but he played them like a Big Dog. I holla'd at him after the show, he was his usual humble, pleasant self. I'm gonna try and arrange an invasion show, you know Westwood needs Marvin on his show. I will tear down.

Shout outs to Chris who's on his way to Tennessee right this second, Marc on his way to L.A on Friday [where he will perform on the Carson Daily Show, then in NY he will perform on David Letterman] and Joe who put on a good night and really looked after everybody in the place. Also shouts to Art War who I did an interview with before the gig, then they filmed the show, so we'll have some new video content up pretty soon.

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